Would you date someone who ...?

I wouldn’t date long-distance, so no :joy:

someone who hates cheese ?? passionately ??

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No, I adore cheese. I eat so much cheese, it’s probably going to kill me :joy:

Someone who isn’t very financially responsible?

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not sure how I score on the scale of financial responsibility. so I can’t really set the bar all that high, can I? altho it might be good with someone who can counteract me.

someone who gets severe motion sickness?

no, i wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere with them

someone who always talks over you?

No :rofl:
Someone who was lazy?

to what extent? a little bit lazy? sure! but if it’s severe? nah.

would you date someone who only could cook one dish? and made it on repeat?

Yeah! I prefer cooking my own food, anyway.

Someone who has a daily screen time of 10+ hours (non work related)?

As long as they’re not addicted and still give me some attention :sweat_smile:

Someone who doesn’t like pets?

I might as long as it is a “I don’t want pets of my own”-not liking pets and not a “I refuse visiting and being nice to people with pets”-not liking pets.

someone who refuse to meet your family?

[name_f]My[/name_f] immediate family, no. But I’d be fine with someone who doesn’t want to come to the bigger family gatherings.

Someone who has dietary restrictions that clash with how you eat?


Someone who is very religious?

Ya as long as it’s Jewish religious :rofl:

Someone who has an opposite name style ?

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Someone who wants 10 kids?

Definitely. It’s actually a pre-requiset for me because I want a lot of kids.

Who has the same personality as the sibling you but heads with most?


Considering they would have the personality of a 9-year-old, no!

Who loves the names you hate and hates the names you love?

Im sure we could possibly come to an agreement on atleast one name.

Someone who is shorter than you?

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