Would you date someone who ...?

Yes- astrology is fun but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter at all.

Is way too nice to you?


No- a normal nice is, well, nice, but if someone is too nice it’s demeaning and awful.

Was broke?

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No. I need that security, not that I’m money hungry or something, but I need to think about how we could afford a place to live, etc…

Had an ear stretching?

of course!

worked overnights, and slept through some of the day?

Definitely, since I myself tend to sleep until 11

Would tell anyone that they didn’t like you, including you, but you knew they didn’t mean it and you did the same thing? Yes, this is Solangelo-inspired, I’m rereading The [name_u]Tower[/name_u] of [name_m]Nero[/name_m] gimme a break



Had an eleventh toe?

Yeah, that’s pretty cool!

Didn’t like electronics?

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disliked being outdoors?

yeah, it’s not particularly my favorite thing ever, either.

someone who had the same name as your sibling?

yeah for sure - i’m at least a decade off having kids so my current favourite names for children are kind of irrelevant in a relationship. even when i’m older and looking at getting married and having kids with someone, my favourite names probably wouldn’t impact that !

someone who followed a strict vegan, gluten-free, raw diet ?

Yes, but that’s a very restrictive diet and would need some adjustment, and I might not eat the same way.

Who lied about being in a band?

Maybe. I don’t really care either way.

Tried to keep the house as dark as possible? Like, enough light to see colors and stuff, but just barely?


Complained a lot?


is always late?

Yup, we can be late together

Disliked your sibling but was civil enough to them?

No, I couldn’t handle anyone disliking my sister.

Someone who’s so sensitive, they retreat in themselves when bad times arise?

i already am, and she’s wonderful, so… yes.

someone who just got out of a bad relationship?

Yes, but I would be cautious.

Was strictly gluten-free?

i am too, so definitely!

who has vastly different views than you on how to raise a child?

No. It just wouldn’t work.

Eats like a pig?