Would you .... For money?

Then suggest the next question

For $10 million , would you not wear clothes for a week?

:joy: Yes probably

Would you stay completely silent for a whole week for $1000?


Would you eat a habanero pepper for $100?

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I’d eat one for free

Would you kill a puppy for any amount of money?



Read War & [name_u]Peace[/name_u] in one sitting (you have food and water brought to you, you have to spend every hour that you’re awake reading, and you’re only allowed to leave to go to the bathroom) for £500 (or whatever other currency you vibe with)?

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Yes, I love War and [name_u]Peace[/name_u]!

Babysit infant triplets, for twenty-four hours, for $500?

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Yes! I’d love to!!!

Would you drink only water for a month for $1000?

I mean I pretty much only drink water anyway, so gladly

Would you tell your crush (presuming you aren’t already in a relationship) that you like them for £300?

If I wasn’t in a relationship? Yes. Worst that could happen is I got rejected.

Would you move across the country away from all your friends and family (if you have a significant other and/or kids, they come with) for $100,000?

I’m doing this next year! I’m incredibly nervous but also excited for this new journey of adulthood I’m about to enter.

Would you quit listening to music for a year for $100,000?

No. (That sounds exciting! Good luck!!)

Would you eat the same meals each day for a year for $100,000?

No way. Food > Money (I had to do this when I was in [name_f]China[/name_f] a few years ago. While I enjoyed the food at first, the lack of variety got old after a week)

For $1000 would you wear a swim cap everywhere you went in public for one week?

Sure. It’s winter. I’ll just wear a hat on top :slight_smile:

Would you get a tattoo of your ex’s name for £20,000 (or your preferred currency)?


Yes, but it’d be very small and well hidden.

Would you stop using Nameberry for a month for £500 (or preferred currency)?

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Would you go vegan for a year?

Not for all the money in the world!

Would you give up chocolate for a month if you got free parking in exchange?

Without hesitation.

Would you keep a pet tarantula for $10,000 a year? (Or the equivalent in your currency)

Yes! I love spiders. I would do this for free.

Would you cut off contact with your best friend for a year for $1,000,000?

This probably sounds bad, but yes. We both need the money and I’d give them half of the money at the end.

Would you slap your sibling for $200?

Depends on which sibling— one is an adult and one is a little kid. I’d slap the adult and give them half, they’d understand and be happy for the cash. The little kid? No way, she’s a little kid.

Would you eat a plate full of your least favorite food (that you’re not allergic to/ won’t make you sick) for $100?