Would you .... For money?

I already don’t make enough time for my hobbies. So yes.

Would you “buy” an extra ten years of life for a loved one if it meant you would be ugly from now on?
IF not ten years, would you say yes to any amount of time?

Totally! It doesn’t have to be a large or obvious one.

Would you watch your least favorite movie once per week for $100 per showing? (You’d have to pay attention the whole time.)


Give your child a name you can’t stand for $1,000,000 (or equivalent)?

Sure! I “can’t stand” a lot of totally usable names. I’d probably just name the kid [name_f]Poppy[/name_f] or [name_m]Gideon[/name_m]. (Sorry to anyone who likes those names, I know they’re popular around here they’re just really nms personally!)

Would you go skydiving for $200? (I would not.)

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Yeah, I think I would…

Would you pose nude for a university life-drawing class for £250?

Yes lol

Only eat m&ms for a week for $1000 ?

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No way!

Would you kiss your sibling’s spouse for $3000?

I’m a man so… yes. Absolutely. Let my conservative relatives gaze in horror at my cost-free drag wedding.

Would you go bungee jumping for $300? (I would not)


Yes! As long as I can have a lot of books and sketchpads, I’d be good to go!

Would you watch your least favorite movie every day for two months straight for 8000 of your applicable currency?


I’d do it for free so absolutely

Would you thoroughly spray your living space with a nauseating air freshener every day for a month for $5,000 or equivalent?

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Lose your sense of taste for a month for $1000?

Not unless I was seriously desperate for cash. I lost my sense of taste when I was sick once (not COVID-19 thankfully, just an awful cold that lasted for a few days) and I was incredibly miserable not being able to taste my tea. I drink a lot of tea.

Would you never eat chocolate again for $7,000?

If you count Ramen and all the other soups then heck yes

Only eat your least favorite meal for two weeks for $700?

sure, i could manage two weeks
not sleep for 96 hours for £100?

No way.

Get a large tattoo across your collar bone (just above your chest, but below your neck), with the name of an ex-gf/bf — if it paid the rent or mortgage at any place you lived for the rest of your life?

  • Yes
  • No

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I wouldn’t get a tattoo for religious reason even if I got paid.

Would you bath in worms for 10,000 what ever your currency

yes unless they were like flesh eating worms or something…i think…probably…i mean it would be dreadful, but i think i could take it for 10,000 ,thats a lot of money!
would you eat only pickled foods for a year for 10,000 of whatever your currency?

actually, if to be honest, it’s not a problem for me at all, I’m not socially active and I don’t have friends

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