would you let your baby wear make up?

hi guys,
i was reading the paper today, and there was a gypsy couple with their baby in it. This 9 months old baby has all designer baby clothes, her EARS PIERCED with Hooped diamond earrings, a bracelet, wears lipgloss and mascara.
On top of that, her very proud parents say that she will start having manicures and pedicures when she is 3 or 4, and have sunbeds at 13.
Her mum admitted that she shaved her daughters hair off at 1 month old so it would grow back thicker.
She will not finish school either. She will go to primary school and then leave early to learn to cook and clean like her mum did.

I really cannot believe it. This baby had her ears pierced at 3 months old. And they are hooped earrings. If she gets caught on them, she could rip them out and damage her ears, poor thing. At least if they were studs they would be safer. I don’t think the bracelet is harmful or dangerous.
But why the make up? Why the designer clothes? And why will she not finish school? I have nothing against gypsies, and each parent to their own, but im sorry thats going a bit far.
I know we all want our children to be handsome and gorgeous. But, this is why there are peodophiles in the world. Because little children and babies look like adults.

I definitely don’t support sexualizing children in any form at all, but I see nothing wrong with applying stage make up/ costumes on children for performances and the like. I think there is a big difference between putting a little make up and hair spray on your kid before they go on stage to dance/sing/act ect and what the mom you are speaking of is doing.
I’d gladly allow my daughters dress up for a performance. In every day life though, absolutely not. I definitely wouldnm’t allow recreational make up wear/ piercing before the age of 16.
[name]How[/name] sad for this lady’s daughter :frowning:

Gypsys have a VERY different culture, one that is really hard to understand.

You’re right, the hoop earrings are probably dangerous! It is relatively acceptable to pierce an infantsl daughter’s ears, at least where I live. I would never do it to my own daughter, though. I begged my sister not to do it to my niece, too.

As far as makeup… i agree with pp. Only stage makeup is acceptable. And I am not talking about for beauty pageants. The things pageant moms do to their daughters is terrible.

The only thing that bothers me is the school thing…and the part where you excuse pedophilia!
The rest is cultural. In my family it’s not strange for a baby to have diamond earrings and wear perfume…not until I became an adult did I realize this isn’t typical. But I also believe that both of those things are no more sexually charged than putting a bow/headband on a baby or using a scented baby shampoo (both do the same thing though, right? make a baby look nicer, smell better)…because the earrings and perfume are culturally normal to me they don’t feel like adult things or sexual things. I figure it’s the same with the make up…which I have totally played around with and put on my little cousins.

also there is nothing sexual about designer clothes, jewelry, mani/pedis. and nothing that children do or wear creates a pedophile…they are sick people in their own right. sadly, we could dress our children in burlap sacks and these sickos will still exist. your statement is similar to when people say rape victims ask for it if they dress sexy- parents aren’t asking for their kids to become victims if they dress them in designer clothes/jewelry!

Its VERY common for people in the city I live in Texas to pierce a babies ears, we are talking little tiny babies. I always thought it was a hispanic cultural thing but maybe lots of people do it? I think its sort of mean :frowning:

edited to say: I have no problem with ears being pierced on girls who are 5 and up, when I was around that age I begged to have them pierced and was allowed to, however I was not allowed to wear earrings that were bigger than a speck of dust and I wouldnt let my future daughters wear anything bigger than that until they were at least 11 or 12.

Mascara? seriously how did they even apply it without the little munchkin moving, let alone keep it on with all the tears and face rubbing they do? [name]Don[/name]'t even get me started on WHY they would want to do it!
As for actively seeking to let her use a sunbed- they must be very ignorant about the risks for skin cancer.
Sounds mad to me.

I am glad that somebody else was thinking the same thing! Although I am not into the whole baby/toddler makeup etc thing but that IS NOT the reason pedophiles exist. Nobody ever deserves/is asking for it no matter how they are dressed. Pedophiles are twisted disgusting people, they can prey on even the most plainly dressed child.

But yes I feel bad for that gypsy baby, little girls should feel beautiful in their own skin and I dont see how that will happen for her if her parents are already covering her in make up. Also the lack of education is saddening especially as they are fortunate to live in a country where girls have equal rights to education but I also understand (mostly from tv programs!) that the gypsy culture is very old and cherished so I dont see it changing anytime soon

Having been the victim of paedophile myself, I can assure you that it had absolutely nothing to do with what I wore but with my availability – that is, I was around this person unsupervised, as were a group of us. [name]Even[/name] for the times, I was unsupervised, because of my family situation.

Having said that, I am completely opposed to the obvious sexualization of little girls. What are you teaching your daughters? That they exist for the bodies only. As a high school teacher, I deal with the results of that culture – twelve year olds having children, a high female suicide rate, and a high prevalence of body dysmorphia illnesses and depression.

It is depressing to me, as someone in her fifties, to see that all the hard work we did in the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s to make things better for our daughters has come to naught. Women and girls are still objectified, still discriminated against, and their mothers still actively promote social values that demean them.

Thank you. I’m not the the only one who sees that dressing children in designer clothes and jewelry does not cause pedophilia.

And to answer your question…

Sexualizing a child is in no way right.

Ear piercing is not that outlandish for a baby. My mother had my ears pierced when I was a baby and occasionally she’d put emerald, heart-shaped studs on me (Emerald is my birthstone). She’s also a nurse and wouldn’t have it done if she didn’t consult with our family doctor first. So I don’t find it so strange that the baby’s ears were pierced but I would worry about how big the hoop earrings are.

I can understand if it’s a cultural thing for gypsies. And if it’s so deep-rooted in their culture, I’m sure they’ve figured out a way to handle piercing a child’s ears and handling any infections, etc.

Not so sure about the manicures and pedicures being necessary for a kid but I remember growing up painting my nails for fun.
It was just something to do.

Make-up on a baby? That sounds like something you wouldn’t do because their skin may still be very sensitive to the crap that’s in make-up. The only times I was ever allowed to put make-up on was for Halloween, dressing up for a wedding, religious ceremonies, or performing in a play. All the other times, my mother frowned on it. She always told me that I didn’t need make up because I was still young and nothing was wrong with my skin. I was told make-up would ruin it.

Occasionally, I would play with make-up… but not so much because I was afraid of what my mom told me. And I didn’t like the way it felt on my face all the time.

And just like taz, the stopping education after primary school to learn how to cook and clean thing? If my children were going to learn at home (home-schooling), it wouldn’t include only house chores. That’s not how I was raised.

That’s disgusting.
Child rapists are animals who will attack any child they can get access to. Of course it has nothing to do with the individual child. But that doesn’t negate the fact that every Old [name]Navy[/name] and Target and whatever other BS store in this country that sells children’s clothing ABSOLUTELY sells clothing that is completely inappropriate for little girls. Should their bums be stamped with “diva?” their shirts say “daddy’s little princess?” should they be wearing skinny jeans and bikinis? NO [name]WAY[/name]. Dressing small girls like grown women is inappropriate. Period.

I don’t condone or excuse any peadophiles, thanks. Peadophiles are born with it, but they shouldn’t use that as their excuse but they do. Make up on young children makes them look older, and every peodo in the world will use that as an excuse. There is a difference between making ur little one look nice and making them look like mini adults. Fake nails and the like are adult things and on children it sends the wrong message. I would never put make up on a baby that young daily, neither would I put hairgel in my sons hair when he us so young. But don’t u dare say to me that I have excused peadophiles, because I certainly do not.

Personally, I try to take everyones opinion on board, [name]EVEN[/name] IF I DONT AGREE WITH IT. Lordy, I have a son of my own, no way in hell would I excuse a peodophile. I know make up etc doesn’t caues peaodophilia, but it doesn’t bloody help if ur child is looking like a mini adult, which paeodos always use as an excuse. I feel for every poor child that has ever been preyed on.
[name]Jesus[/name], I was sexually abused when I was younger. [name]Trust[/name] me, I don’t agree. And I will go to any lengths necessary to protect my child or children from sick people in the world.
I do not agree with make up being placed on girls, or fake tan, hair extensions, piercings or fake nails etc. I do not agree with having them wear skimpy clothes, or boys to wear hair gel etc. I understand different cultures do things differently, but not for my kids. I don’t care if I’m considered overprotective, I’d rather be that than stupid enough to put things like that on a baby or child. Playing about, dress up is fine, but not for out and about or as a daily thing.

If anyone has a problem with my opinions, don’t bother replying. I will not be told that I have excused peaodophiles. They are sick, and I do not agree. I fully agree that no child should be victimised by what they are wearing, I just said it doesn’t help if they look older than their age, because that’s what peaodos are like.

[name]Gypsy[/name] culture seems very different from what most of us are used to. Have you ever watched My Big Fat [name]Gypsy[/name] Wedding? It’s a TV program that has aired in both the U.S. and the U.K. and gives a little bit of insight into the [name]Gypsy[/name] culture. Most of the girls are taught that their main goal in life is to get married very young (usually as a teenager), and become an obedient housewife and stay-at-home mother. The boys, on the other hand, seem very disrespectful of the young females that they seem to be trying to win the attention of.
As for your question, no, I would not put makeup on a baby, or pierce her ears, studs or otherwise. Those kinds of things should be considered a privilege, not an automatic given. I would want any future daughter(s) of mine to stay innocent for as long as possible, and letting a ten year old dress like an eighteen year old is not something that would be allowed in my home.

dear annie85, thank you for your reply, i completely agree with you.
I have seen some bits of the show, some of it just seems completely bizarre and makes no sense, whereas there are parts that I think “oh, thats a nice tradition etc”. But all the women do is cook and clean, and the men work, swear and act disrespectful. I dont think thats such a brilliant culture, in this day and age, where women can be treated equally to men and earn, and gain their own education. As for people saying, oh its their culture so its ok to pierce a babys ears… well, its still not something i agree with, no matter how long they have done it for. When the girl is old enough, I don’t mind. I didnt get my ears pierced till I was 14 or 15. I have a few piercings now, but I had them all done when I was older. I wasn’t allowed make up till 14, and even then it was only eyeliner and mascara, none of that concealer crap. i left school early due to various things going on, but I got a job and worked full time. And out of all the things that I wish I could have another go, it would be that. I really wish I had finished school, and all my children will finish school if i have my way about it. I just dont agree with young children looking older than what they are. Regardless of gender, culture etc. They should be children, and look like them. They have such a short childhood, and there are some horrible people in this world, that i really do get annoyed when i see 8 years old girls with more make up than me. They have plenty of time when they are older to wear make up etc. And i still think there is a difference between putting in a bow onto you girls hair, and having fake nails, make up, fake tan and hair extensions. Stud ear piercings when they are not going to rip them out, and a bit of nail varnish on weekends or holidays is different, and fine in my opinion, as long as they are not really young.
But actually looking like a smaller adult is different and wrong to me.

Thank you everyone who has replied, i appreciate the input and opinions. speak soon guys :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t let my child actually wear makeup places until age 11, and then it would only be eyeshadow. As for lipchap/lipgloss, age 2, 3 or 4 or something… And my daughter got her ears piereced at age 1, yes a bit young I know… but she only wears studs. And all of my kids wear Guess clothes, [name]Tommy[/name] Hilfiger, and Old [name]Navy[/name] / Gap… / Sears… :slight_smile:

Hmm, well, I suppose I am personally not fond of some of this.

For makeup, I wore it when I was four for dance recitals and all. I don’t this makeup on babies personally because 1. babies have more sensitive skin. I get rashes if I wear certain makeup because I have sensitive skin, and it would be unfortunate to put makeup on a baby and then end up with an allergic reaction! Of course, this can happen with foods and medicines etc as well, and you learn once they have a reaction to stop. But I personally am not for setting up the potential. and 2. I feel like it might portray a bad self image to the baby. Not all people are the same, and some would feel differently than others… but I am a big fan of natural beauty (: Of course, if this is cultural, then it would just be a normal thing and the baby probably wouldn’t get a bad self image from it… but if the baby grows up and looks back and see’s her parents were always putting makeup on her… she may feel as if she isn’t pretty enough the way she is :frowning:

At least where I am, pierced ears are fairly normal. Not all that many people do so around here, but its still not unusual. Could definitely be another cultural thing… though I most definitely wouldn’t want hoops!! She just might grab them and pull them out of her ears! Or they could get caught on something :frowning: And I definitely wouldn’t encourage sun beds!!! Its heightening the risks of skin cancer!!! I’ve never even been on one myself, though I’ll admit I do spend some time tanning on the beach <3 If when she gets older and asks to do so, I might hesitantly say yes if she’s older and doesn’t plan on making it regular [and of course if she knows the risks!]. But especially so young…

I personally think its a tad awkward to shave the babies head to make it grow back thicker :confused: Head hair doesn’t normally work that way, does it? And I feel like its horrible to encourage her child to drop out of school!! I suppose it might be a cultural thing as well to clean and cook at home for woman… Which if thats what they do, I respect them following what they believe… even if I personally disagree with it. And I hope that is also what makes her daughter happy…

Designer clothes can all vary… I definitely feel if she is trying to make the child look older and grow up to fast that its a shame. I know that the world will have pedophiles regardless of what babies wear, and that dressing them to look older doesn’t mean they’re ASKING for pedophiles… however, I do believe it somewhat takes some of the beautiful innocence of being young away. I also personally believe that intentionally “sexualizing” your child is wrong. I personally think its okay for kids to wear stylish clothing. But theres a big difference between stylish and sexy.

I think all children are beautiful in themselves, and it portrays a bad self image to try and make your child “look better”. And I feel like it sends a bad message to them. This is all just personal opinion though! (:

My three year old has her own brush in my makeup bag that she believes she is putting makeup on with (though I hand her an empty compact), and sometimes I brush my eyeshadow brush on her lids (when there is nothing left on it) so she believes she is wearing makeup, but no mascara, and she does not have her ears pierced.

God no , I think that people who use make-up on their children should be supervised. It is affecting their health and normal development. I love to dress up my little girl, like with some baby pettiskirts, but I never use make-up.