Would you let your child ....?

then suggest the next thing

i will start

have Pop Tarts for breakfast


Color their hair?


play sports?


wear crop tops young?

Yeah, the human body isn’t inherently sexual or something that needs to be hidden.

Have sleepovers?


oh absolutely!

wear the opposite genders clothes?

Certainly, any time and any place!

Have their own pet?

No it has to be a family pet looked after by everyone a pet is a big responsibility for a child to take on

Have social media?

Not until they are 13 and depending on how mature they are.

Have a bf/gf/partner?

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Like officially not the silly playground things as kids - not until they are mature enough to understand feelings, communicate somewhat well, know how to protect themselves, won’t allow toxic behaviours yet understands everyone has bad habits and understand that intimacy isn’t always under the sheets.

Choose their outfit & let them wear it, even if it doesn’t coordinate!

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yes, its important for self expression im sure ! (as long as we’re not going anywhere like a, funeral or wedding say)

stay up til 12am?

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Only if they were having a sleepover, or there was some kind of emergency

Wear whatever they like?

As long as it’s appropriate (not a bikini in winter lmao) and not a safety issue then definitely

Get on the internet unsupervised?

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yeah as long as it’s a safe platform

get a boyfriend/girlfriend before the age of 16?

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I think I would let my child have a bf/gf once they start high school (12 yrs old where I live) as long as they seemed mature enough.

Get a piercing?

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Ears, sure when they would want it. Other things, I think there are some rules about it where I’m at. Like you can’t just walk in a shop at 13 and get your navel pierced. I think I’d let them do it as long as they’ve had a while to think about it and understand the after care. [name_f]Edit[/name_f]: I’m picturing age like 16 here.

Have a cellphone?


depends on the age and need; i wouldn’t let them have one before twelve at the earliest, and then only if it’s necessary. also, i wouldn’t want to get them a smartphone right away – i don’t think they’d need that, and a flip phone is nice if they’re just walking to and from school and need some way to contact me.

do an extreme sport?


absolutely, if they take the proper precautions and know how to do it! i’m an avid skier and i hope to pass that down.

talk back to you? (in public or private)

yes, i want my kids to feel comfortable expressing how they feel and i’m only human - i won’t make perfect decisions every time and i’d want them to let me know. obviously there’s a line though, i wouldn’t accept offensive language for example.

have their own bank account?

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it depends on the age, i think i would prefer to have them make cash transactions when they’re younger so they understand the value of money more, but as they get older, absolutely! i think it can encourage them to save their money rather than spend it all right away. however, i would want to supervise it to make sure they aren’t withdrawing lots of money, especially if it’s a savings account intended for things like college.

spend lots of time outside on their own (while they’re young)?