Would you please...

Would you please look at adding a separate time zone for [name_f]Arizona[/name_f] on our settings page? Half the year [name_f]Arizona[/name_f] aligns with the Mountain Time Zone and the other half of the year we align with [name_m]Pacific[/name_m] Time Zone, making it so we have to switch time zones if we want to see when something happened or someone communicated with us.

I believe there is an option in the control panel where you can turn off daylight saving corrections, which you can do since you live somewhere where the clocks don’t change.

I never realized we could choose what time zone we were in! I’ve always wondered why the times were so weird for posts - turns out my account was set to [name_u]London[/name_u]'s time zone (I’m in the US). Thank you for pointing this out!

I changed mine under settings --> general settings (under ‘account’) and then scrolling down to nearly the end.

Thank you. I didn’t see the DST corrections. It’s not something we normally have to look for as most time systems I look at have a separate [name_f]Arizona[/name_f] time zone.