Would you want your child to ..?

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I will start
Follow your career path

I was in nursing school, dropped out after around 3 years, then worked in a factory until I got pregnant. Now I’m a stay-at-home mom. Short answer: no.

(Long answer: I don’t want him to feel like he has to follow a certain path to be successful, like I did. I spent years, time, numerous student loans, stress and countless sacrifices for something I didn’t really want to do but felt I had to (school, family, social, personal and financial pressures). I’ve long struggled with feeling like a failure.
I don’t want my child to feel so boxed in. I don’t want him to have to feel like he has to do XY or Z to be something in this world. I hope he finds something that makes him happy and fulfilled.)

[name_f]Marry[/name_f] young (say, 18-20)?

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If they think it’s the right one and are happy i have nothing against it!

Be (very) religious?

Not at all. The opposite actually; I’d teach them about different religions, though.

Follow a special diet?

If it is medically required, then yes, I wouldn’t mind. But I wouldn’t want my child to start a special diet if they’re already fit and healthy, atleast not when they’re young.

Drop out of school?

Absolutely not unless they have a good reason to

Become a teen parent?

It certainly wouldn’t be my wish but if it happened I’d definitely support them and help them raise the child.

Move out at 16?

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no, because the majority of people who move out that young do so because of issues with their parents and i don’t plan on being a bad parent! however if they had a genuine reason to want to then i might consider it, but it would have to be a VERY good reason.

work while still in high school?

Absolutely. I did, through most of high school, and it’s not only a great teacher of valuable lessons, but a way to make connections and friends. (I loved babysitting in high school, as I still do!)

Go to university?

i have mixed feelings on university, actually, but i do support it unless they make it to the major leagues (my younger brother’s “excuse” :upside_down_face:)

have sleepovers at a young age?


be a youtuber?

I think it would depend on how old and how mature they are. I imagine being a Youtuber could be quite stressful because you could receive a lot of hate. If they were going to do this, I’d probably make them wait until they were at least 20 and I would supervise it a bit (e.g. maybe watch their videos before they post them because they might have accidentally said something in them that could be interpreted the wrong way or something like that and to make sure they are okay). I’m sure being a Youtuber can be really fun, but if you’re not prepared for it emotionally and maturity wise, it could get quite messy. We also all mature at different times from what we get to experience which is why I would want them to wait until about 20 years of age to use it.

Would you want your child to do an activity/ hobby that could be dangerous such as horse riding if it was something they really wanted to do?

Stuff like horseriding, skiing, ice-skating yes, so long as they take appropriate care and use appropriate safety equipment. The likes of jumping would be a hard no!

Would you want your child to have sex before marriage?

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I wouldn’t mind a bit either way!

Become vegan (if you aren’t vegan) or quite begging vegan (if you are vegan)?

Sure. When they’re old enough they can make their own decisions about their bodies and what they want to eat and I’ll support them either way.

Go to a boarding school?

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No way! Going off to college is young enough, I wouldn’t want them living away from home before that. I want to be an involved parent and be there for them in every way.

Move to a different continent at 18?

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Would I want them to… almost certainly not. But would I support their choice too… wholeheartedly.

Give their child your name as a middle?

If they felt that was something they wanted, I would be honored and I wouldnt object. I wouldn’t have that expectation of them though.

Play team sports at school (football, soccer, baseball, field hockey, lacrosse etc)

I don’t see why not if that’s something they’re interested in.

Chose unconventional career path or one with very high competition and low demand?

Absolutely, if it makes them happy and they’re able to find a way to support themselves.

Are we allowed to re-use questions that have already been, to see how different posters respond? Been some interesting Qs!

But for now, would you want your child to attend university?