Write book reviews for nameberry!

We’re planning on starting coverage of books on pregnancy and parenting, along with kids’ books and even novels of interest to berries, and are looking for people who’d like to write short reviews in exchange for free books! Please let us know here if you’re interested so we can put you on our list as we gear up to get started.

I’m interested.

Would young adult books count, or would they have to be parent/name oriented books? I may be interested…

[name]Do[/name] we get to choose which books? I may be interested.

They would be books of interest to our general readership, so definitely pregnancy and infant/early childhood books, as well as books for very young children and also novels and general nonfiction books of interest to young parents. Mostly NOT name books as we’re really not interested in covering the competition unless it’s a book with a very different viewpoint from any of ours!

You could pick the books you were interested in reading/reviewing and the reviews would be short. So happy you’re interested! If you’d like to go to the next step, can you please private-message me here or email me at pam@nameberry.com?

I’d be interested.