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Here is a place for memes involving writing and characters

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Oh this is cool! I just saw a meme that is for some reason super inspiring so I’ll add it. It’s not mine, though, so the credit goes to the person who did make it.

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In the spirit of the fact that it is exactly 3:02AM as of the time this post has been let out into the world of Nameberry Forums. Haha…(luckily I can sleep in tomorrow, hooray!)

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Very agreed

I have multiple characters i could describe as…uncooperative


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Me on a daily basis

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Oh no everyones dead how did that happen


This is me with a lot of my characters, 100%.
Me: “Ash needs a love interest, so I’ll invent a beautiful girl who he can date named Viviana!”
[name_f]Viviana[/name_f]: “So how about I suck and I’m just using him to get back at my ex?”

Don’t worry [name_m]Ash[/name_m] is dating [name_f]Saylor[/name_f] now, she doesn’t suck at all.

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Thats good

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I wish I could like this multiple times

“Ciro! You have a rich dad! Give me a hundred dollars!”

Eventually she will, I just have to trust the process and get famous

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[name_f]Hyacinth[/name_f] loves making things harder for himself poor child.

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These aren’t about writing sorry but what author doesn’t love reading?

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I love the first one you really dont wany to disturb someone reading especially if they read murder mystery cause they have definitely got some creative ideas lol

And true what writer doesn’t love reading i know i sure love it

Also for some reason your username reminds me of mcgee from ncis no idea why but i thought it was cool

It’s a combination of my mums maiden name, my middle name and my first name

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