Wrong answers only!

more like when was the last time i didn’t photobomb a wedding photo – it’s my favorite pastime!

who is the best wedding photographer?

Me but only when I photograph wedding pictures that @jujubesun photobombed! Wedding photos that jujubesun didn’t photobomb are just not the same!

What should the bride wear to her wedding?

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what do you mean, wear to the wedding ? who wears clothes to their wedding ?

what’s wrong with this sentence ?

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There’s nothing wrong with it? It’s a sentence through and through? You always put question marks at the end of sentences?

What’s your favorite type of music

[name_m]Blues[/name_m] all the way


Potatoes are fruits duh. Also meat is a vegetable.

What should I have for dessert?

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Eggplant Parm

What should I have for dessert?

Mustard. Nothing else, just straight mustard.

What should we drink?

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