Xanthe - love the name... my 3 yr old has a friend with the same name

I wondered what you all thought…

I’m struggling with a girl’s name (we’re having a girl) as have a tricky surname which rules out lots of pretty vowel-ending names.

I [name]LOVE[/name] this name but my 3 year old daughter ([name]Iris[/name]) has a friend in our village/goes to the same preschool with a 3 year old of the same very unusual name.
[name]Do[/name] you think this matters? I’m sure the other parents won’t mind (we don’t know one another very well) but it is a small village and [name]Xanthe[/name] and [name]Xanthe[/name] (3.5 yrs apart) would be in the same school and thrust together through my daughter. Also (and I know this shouldn’t be an issue!) the older [name]Xanthe[/name] is one of those picture perfect beautiful flower-fairy sort of girls… Might be a bit of a downer to be the ‘other’ [name]Xanthe[/name]…

This is the perfect name for us - not only going with my daughter’s name well but with an ancient lineage which counteracts the unusualness. It was high up our list with my first daughter too…

I wouldn’t do it. Two girls that close in age in a small village, and with the description of your daughter’s friend (she sounds like the perfect [name]Xanthe[/name]), it might become boring. [name]Do[/name] you like [name]Ianthe[/name], [name]Daphne[/name], [name]Clio[/name], [name]Charis[/name], [name]Nephele[/name], Chione, [name]Dione[/name], [name]Selene[/name], [name]Eos[/name]?

Yeah-- although it is a really pretty name and goes great with [name]Iris[/name], I don’t think I would do it either due to the small community and close friendship. I like the suggestion of [name]Daphne[/name] from [name]Ottilie[/name]. [name]Dianthe[/name] is another possibility.

Some other names that might work–

[name]Iris[/name] and


I think I would try to find another name. I really like the suggestions of [name]Ianthe[/name] and [name]Thisbe[/name]. [name]Ione[/name] could be another possibility.

I would go ahead and use it. You said you’re not really friends with [name]Xanthe[/name]'s parents so it’s not like you’re stealing a name from a close friend or anything. Also, even though you live in the same village now, there’s no guarantee that that’ll be the case in the future (people move all the time) or that your daughters will even still be friends a few years from now. So yes, if you feel it’s the perfect name for you, I’d say use it. If you are looking for alternatives though, I’d recommend [name]Alexandra[/name] with the nickname [name]Xandra[/name].

I was going to say go ahead and use it, but it’s tough for me to say because I don’t know exactly what your village is like or how small is small. It is an unusual name, so maybe two would be odd? Part of me says, though, that if it’s the perfect name, you should use it. I’m terrible at thinking up names to suggest, but a strong image of this name did come to mind: [name]Chrysanthemum[/name] – goes with [name]Iris[/name] as flower names and you could call her Santhe, which is pretty similar in sound.

Yes, this is a tricky situation. I have to agree with most others though that it is best to let [name]Xanthe[/name] go and use another similar name especially since your daughter is friends with [name]Xanthe[/name] already and they are the same age. If [name]Xanthe[/name] were much older then it might not be such an issue. [name]Ianthe[/name] seems the perfect substitute because it is VERY similar in sound but starts with a different letter (the same as your daughter’s if that makes you like it more) which will differentiate it just enough.

If you seriously love it, I would use it - but if you still feel like you could love something else, then I might look at other things. There are a bunch of beautiful girls names ending in that -the / ne ending!

If you love it, use it! You will probably end up with name regret if you don’t use it.