YorkiePoo puppy

Hey Berries!

I have a female toy poodle who’s two years old and she’s a very light creamy color. She’s got curly, fluffy hair, hazel eyes, and a little brown nose. We will probably set her up on a date with a toy yorkie around [name]March[/name] because we’d like for her to have puppies. We’ve decided if she has a boy we’ll keep him. So I’d really appreciate it if you all could suggest some names for a little male YorkiePoo. Almost forgot, her names’s [name]Percy[/name] and the future daddy is [name]Coco[/name]. So I’d like something that would really go well with and compliment [name]Coco[/name] and [name]Percy[/name]'s names.

Thanks so much!

YorkiePoo’s have alot of personality so these are the names that popped into my head!
[name]Tobias[/name] nn [name]Toby[/name]
[name]Arlo[/name] / [name]Cosmo[/name] / [name]Hugo[/name] / [name]Leo[/name] / [name]Plato[/name] / [name]Ringo[/name] / Tycho
[name]Ignatius[/name] nn [name]Iggy[/name]
Kish (Biblical name)

I’m in love with the name [name]Noble[/name]. I think it’d be too tough for a kid to live up to, but it might be perfect for to right dog or puppy. A bit spunkier: [name]Archer[/name], [name]Milo[/name], [name]Orly[/name] & [name]Rocco[/name]. Good luck!

I’ve got a name: Mutt.

I can’t even fathom why people intentionally create mixed and badly bred dogs when thousands die in shelters every day. Sometime in the future, half the puppies you produce will end up being cared for by people like me.

BTW here is a checklist for responsible breeding: