You absolutely must click on this link...

[name]Le[/name]'Brandiya J’nykayla My’quoya looks like Klingon/English mash up.

Also, curious why you didn’t just post the name (or list) rather than linking to a board that regularly snarks Nameberry?

Eh. I can’t get worked up over opinions I agree with. [name]Le[/name]'Brandiya J’nykayla My’quoya really is a Big, Bad, [name]Baby[/name] Name, and the rest of the list is little better.

That list… my heart just broke a little bit.

Americle Chozen…gods…

This is ridiculous!

Did not know that BBBN users regularly bash Nameberry; actually I have an account on there and I’ve never seen it, though I believe you. They are very picky in general. A baby name style quiz suggested I would like the site based on my taste in names. Besides, I belong to several other name sites that compete with Nameberry, including Name [name]Wizard[/name] (probably [name]Pam[/name] and [name]Linda[/name]'s biggest competition is [name]Laura[/name], right?) I feel that different sites offer different advantages. NB is my favorite overall though.

This is all very interesting. Fuzzyclub, would love to know where that quiz is that recommended Nameberry – I’m unaware of it. And yes, I’d say that [name]Laura[/name] is our biggest competition in that she’s the only real baby name author and expert who also has a full site. But she doesn’t own the digital rights to her own books, as we do, and so must rely on the [name]Teresa[/name] [name]Norman[/name] books, which, while intelligent and comprehensive and accurate (which is saying more than most name books), don’t offer any style or pop culture commentary. Plus, have you noticed?, no forums.