You get a puppy! YOU get a puppy! EVERYBODY GETS A PUPPY!

All you have to do is generate a puppy for the previous person:
-favorite things

The first poster generates a puppy for me.

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You get a puppy!

A brown and white Australian shepherd, one brown eye, one blue
Chewing on slippers, trying to climb up trees to chase squirrels, cuddling, playing fetch but not dropping the ball when she comes back to you
4 months old

@Lindseylloyd052399 Nice idea :smirk:

You get a puppy

Swedish Vallhund, grey with to ice blue eyes
Chasing squirrels, eating peanut butter, long walks, comforting you and others, greeting guests at your door!
8 months old

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I am sad this never picked up, I would have liked puppies.

You get a puppy!

Bichon Frise, curly white fur
Cuddling, barking, but likes to make a mess on the floor
8 weeks old

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You get another puppy! Hazelnut is now 8 months old, so you got:

[name_m]Black[/name_m], White and [name_m]Tan[/name_m] Australian [name_m]Shepherd[/name_m], 2 brown eyes.
Honeybee is a super friendly dog who loves people and other dogs! She is always cheerful and exited to play with her big sister, and loves wrestling and tug of war! She is a clumsy puppers, walking into walls and easily distracted.
3 months

Hazelnut and Honeybee