Your approach to choosing an MN for one syllable FN and LN?

My general naming style, disregarding the sweet-spot names in my sig, tends toward multiple-syllable names (I was raised in a batch of kids that were always coming up with NNs, so I love having options for that), but there are some really nice single syllable names out there. I’ve been thinking about how I would personally approach an MN search in this case, and I’m curious to find out what other people’s tendencies might be.

[name_m]How[/name_m] would you go about choosing a middle name if you have a one syllable FN and a one syllable LN?

Would you keep the MN equally short-sounding to match the FN & LN?

Maybe an MN with multiple syllables to balance out the short, quick sounds?

Or would you go with more than one MN to elongate the full name, but with similar quick-sounding names?

Maybe you have a different approach, or not one at all?

It really depends on the name, but I’d most likely pick a MN with multiple syllables to try and balance everything out.