Your childrens hobbies?

So, as the title suggests what hobbies do you or your children love doing? [name]Just[/name] being curious, haha!


My eldest daughter, [name]Eliska[/name], lives and breathes gymnastics. She trains every single day after school and at weekends as well. Her hopes and dreams are to become an Olympic gymnast. She also loves netball, hockey and athletics and she competes for her school in all these area. Her other big love is art. She got that from me as I simply love it and [name]Ellie[/name] is regularly painting or drawing something!

[name]Gabe[/name] is our little footballer. At four years old, he is pretty skilled, if I do say so myself! haha! He is another big sport fanatic and is showing a big interest in Athletics at the moment, so when we go down to the club on [name]Saturday[/name] for [name]Ellie[/name], we might check it out. He is also a big reader, amazing, apparently for a boy. Apparently boys aren’t meant to like reading but my little one has proved them all wrong!

[name]Naomi[/name]: I have a feeling she will become a sports fanatic too. She’s already showing an interest in Gymnastics and ballet. ([name]Eliska[/name] is teaching her how to do a cartwheel, eek!) But at the moment, her hobbies are playing with her toys and drawing, well she is 2!

[name]Scarlett[/name] and [name]Murphy[/name] are nearly 3 months old so right now their daily routine consists of sleep, eat, cry! Not really much of a hobby, especially for me, lol!


[name]Oliver[/name], the eldest, loves basketball, soccer, and football. He is very athletic and really loves to be outside.

[name]Henry[/name], the middle child, (for now) loves being outside, but he’s more interested in biking, scootering, swinging, and looking at nature. He LOVES bugs. He loves collecting centipedes, worms, and caterpillars for his “Bug Jar”. We’ve designated a large milk jar (remember those?) for him. It stays outside.

[name]Emilia[/name]. Oh my goodness. She is just about the most feminine person I’ve ever met. Currently she loves princesses, sparkles, and ballet. I was a ballerina from about age 5 to age 21, so I know where she got that from. Being 2 she’s extremely flexible so she always asks me to stretch her so she can stay flexible as she grows. For being so young she’s very into it, even her teachers comment on how she actually seems to “want” it.

[name]Baby[/name] #4 likes…kicking and sleeping. That’s about it.


Mommy to [name]Oliver[/name], [name]Henry[/name], [name]Emilia[/name], and baby #4

I started begging my mom for dance lessons when I was 2 as well. She enrolled me when classes started that fall, right after I’d turned 3. I was with that dance school up through high school and danced some in college as well. Having something constant like that throughout my young life was so beneficial.

I really hope she sticks with it! There were a lot of times when I was 8, 13, and 15 when I really wanted to stop, but I continued and I was really glad I did. Sure, I don’t like to show my feet in public anymore. But I can still do the splits (all three!), ponché, arabesque, pirouette, fouetté,… And by “I can still” I don’t mean now. Because I’m 36 weeks pregnant. But I could before I got pregnant 9 months ago! I definitely CANNOT do the splits with this bowling ball hanging off my abdomen…I still use (just assume I mean 9 months ago) pointe shoes and flat shoes around the house, it’s what I do (9 months ago) to exercise.

[name]Elle[/name] [name]Monroe[/name]

mommy to oliver, henry, emilia, and baby

  1. Putting things in his mouth

  2. shouting “Bah!” loudly

I had a few times I wanted to quit as well, but when reminded of how much time I’d put into it already, I couldn’t go through with it. I think dancing helped immensely with maintaining my figure, stamina and flexibility. The other women in my birth class couldn’t even get into a squatting position, with someone helping them, but I found it easy and pretty comfortable. Plus it gave me something growing up that I enjoyed doing and I could be proud of my accomplishments. I mean, it felt good to do well in school, but it’s different when it’s something you’re practicing because you want to.

My [name]Olivia[/name] is quite the swimmer! We’ve been doing swimming lessons ever since she was a little baby because I am such a worrier. [name]Olivia[/name] is three and has been swimming all her life. She has shown no signs of wanting to quit any time soon! We call her our little mermaid. Other than that, [name]Olivia[/name] loves dolls and barbies. During the summer she also enjoys driving around the neighborhood in her pink [name]Barbie[/name] Jeep with her sunglasses on, not stopping for anyone who ccomes in her way-LOL!

My [name]Nora[/name] plays soccer and loves to sail in our Sunfish! She also, upon my Husband, [name]Andrew[/name]'s instruction, has began loving longboarding and [name]Penny[/name] boarding. And she’s only 4! haha

Amazing how you know all this when, by your own admission, she doesn’t live with you yet.

My son loves to run. He is on the cross country, indoor track and outdoor track teams. He also loves math and science. (He is 15.)

My daughter is also a runner, but not as obsessed as her brother, lol. She is in Girl Scouts, and loves to write and to play the flute. (She is 11.)

[name]Amelie[/name] is learning to play the piano. She also loves ballet, gymnastics, and I’m thinking about singing her up to the local choir. She has expressed interest in it, having seen the children singing at Mass each weekend.

At her age, everything is just for fun and I’m not pushing her into going to anything in particular, just following her lead without putting any pressure on her.

The only thing I really want her to continue with is the piano because I think it’ll be useful if she takes [name]Music[/name] as a subject in school. I’d like her to keep up at least one physical activity (gymnastics or ballet, I don’t care which) for exercise but as I said, if she really wants to quit, I won’t force her.

I will say AGAIN:
[name]Nora[/name] has hung out with us before to do studies of how we act together and such. She does not live with us yet, but we’ve spent several days bonding with her. They can’t just send her off to our house without her even meeting us first…

She was on a soccer team before we even knew about her and she used to sail with her father when he was alive and ate lunch on our boat. Also when she came over to our house, [name]Andrew[/name] played with her outside and she went longboarding and penny boarding with him and loved it. Yeah, maybe she won’t keep it as a hobby, but she did really like it and I’m sure [name]Andrew[/name] will do it with her in the future.

Please don’t judge when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

I was always writing, reading and drawing. I also like roller blading. The only out of house hobby I had was drama lessons until I was sixteen.

Now, I still act on occasion, write books, read, work on my website and sew historical costumes. All for funsies :slight_smile:

Children who sail with their parents are not given up for adoption. The burden of proof to relinquish parental rights-- or terminate all relationships within the family-- for a child <4 is extremely high. There is uniformly poverty, neglect, abuse, often drugs, etc throughout multiple generations and multiple potential nuclear families.

If you knew this child when her father was still alive-- such that you anchored your sporty yachts adjacent to each other and lunched together-- and if she is 4 and free & clear to adopt (that process takes at least a year), and if she was on a soccer team before you met her… she was playing soccer at about 2 months of age.

Okay, first of all, her parents died. Second of all, I worded that confusingly. She didn’t eat lunch on our boat when she still had a father. That was after when we were going to adopt her. I was just explaining the entire sailing part in one sentence and it made it confusing. Sorry. We did NOT know Nora before her parents died. Oh, and we don’t own a yacht. We’re not that rich-LOL. Our boat is little and is in NO WAY a yacht. Have you ever seen a sunfish? I’ll show you a picture of one off the internet:

& She didn’t play soccer as an infant…

Oh yeah, I’ll also add that we’ve spent THREE years going through the adoption process and were on a list in our agency where we would take kids over the age of 1 going through Death of Parents.

This is what I call trolling. Really, blade… really.

The adoption process doesn’t always take a year. There are plenty of circumstances where they don’t. [name]Even[/name] if the paperwork isn’t through yet, she can still be her daughter.

[name]Vinny[/name] talks about dinosaurs, draws pictures of dinosaurs, reads stories about dinosaurs, asks questions about dinosaurs and digs for dinosaurs from one end of the week to the other. I can occasionally distract her with swimming and French lessons. [name]Georgiana[/name] also like swimming and French, but dinosaurs not so much!

[name]Ally[/name] is just learning to ski now, and he likes football and golf. [name]Hamish[/name]'s hobby lately is to make sure he sees every hour through the night and I’m hoping he gives that one up really soon.

Thank you VERY much :slight_smile:

I’ve never known [name]Blade[/name] to be wrong though :confused: