Your personality type!

I am INTJ.

If you know your personality type, how well do you think you “fit” most descriptions of it? If you don’t know, take a test here:

I’m thinking most of you berries will probably be variations of introvert, but it takes all kinds. :slight_smile:

I’m an INTP - we’re not too different, you and I. Sometimes I’m not sure I completely fit the profile of my type, but I’ve gotten INTP on every test I’ve taken, which is several, and the opposite letters don’t fit me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m an ISTJ.

INTP here! Woohoo! :smiley:

I’m an ENFP. :slight_smile: I think I fit the typical ENFP profile to a t.

Coincidentally, I’ve been looking up personality types recently, though mainly of fictional characters haha :p. I’m ISTJ. I always get ISTJ and always more than 90% introvert, which is unsurprising. I’d rather be INTJ to be honest, it seems way cooler, though I am highly influenced (as usual) by characters, and the fact I want to be a scientist, but that’s another story. But I tend to take what I read on the internet way too seriously, and I must admit that ISTJ seems to fit me quite well.

I’m an ENFP-T (hi, @lightsea! :)) I think it fits me far too well.

I’m an INFP-T according to the quiz but I really relate to both INFP-T and ENFP-T. I feel like I’m in the middle with the introversion/extroversion. I got 41% introverted, though.

I got INFP in this test, but I always get different results, so…

ISFJ. Which seems to be rather unique. I think most things are accurate.

I am ISFJ, also. :slight_smile:

INFP every time :slight_smile:

INFP here!

I’m an ENFP, and I think I fit the profile pretty well.

I did the test and the result were INFP-T.
More details:




In all honesty, after reading it, this is too me.

I took the test that was posted and got INTJ-Turbulent. Does anybody know what they mean by turbulent type?

I’ve always been meaning to do this test… And finally I have! I am an ISFJ. Gonna go read up about me now :slight_smile:

I am an INFJ(-T).

I’ve taken several Myers-[name_m]Briggs[/name_m] Type tests, including the official one, and I’m always INFJ. [name_f]Every[/name_f] description I’ve read, is me to a T, and I have to say the detail this site goes into (as a free site) is the best I’ve seen.

This bit in particular had me going, ‘yep this is me, this is me, 100% me’…

INFJs indeed share a very unique combination of traits: though soft-spoken, they have very strong opinions and will fight tirelessly for an idea they believe in.

I know INFJs are rare - less than one percent of the population - but I think we had a thread on M-B Types before (a few years ago now), and I’m sure there were quite a lot of INFJs (far more than 1%) at the time. Unless I’m thinking of another board I used to post on (one that wasn’t name related), but I’m sure it was this one.

INFP-T, same as when I took this test 6 months ago. I have to say, the profile description fits me really well, except for some details.

I always enjoy learning more about myself :slight_smile:

I’m INFJ. I think it fits me well. I am very moral (stubborn too) and concerned with emotions. I wish I wasn’t INFJ though. I always wanted to be INFP as they’re the writers apparently. My partner is an INTJ which puts him only one binary different to me which I think is very interesting as we are very different in terms of our reactions to the world.