Your Weird Cravings

I just sent my husband out to get me some blood oranges and purple Gatorade, despite the fact that it is 11:18 PM here. He was not amused by my cracks that I’m eating for 4, nor my comment that he should lighten up:P.

And the weird thing is, before I was pregnant, I thought blood oranges were horrendous (um, blood is the key word here) and I really preferred yellow Gatorade if at all. I have also developed a peculiar affinity for carbs in the form of bread and maraschino cherries.

Any of you Berries out there having bipolar cravings and/or using DH as a delivery boy?


No delivery boy so far, DH is very kind about stopping off for mini store trips or takeout after work, but I don’t feel right asking for a special trip. I did have him searching for jalapeño bagels one weekend though, but I was along for the adventure.

I keep complaining that I have the worlds most boring cravings: cole slaw (who craves that?! I could eat cabbage for every meal), caesar salad, oatmeal…

I never liked orange juice and hated bananas, but since I’ve been pregnant I can’t get enough orange juice, and I’ve even bought and eaten some bananas. So far, the craving has not struck at midnight yet.

By the way, I love blood oranges! They’re really hard to find where I live though.

I could eat string cheese all day.

And of course, any takeout food that I didn’t have to prepare myself :slight_smile:

I crave salty things. Pickles, pickled onions, and kalamata olives. I also crave ramen noodles and other salty soups. I haven’t sent my husband on any trips except once to get some cold medicine once (it was on my OK list). He’s a sweetheart, but I am sure it would annoy him if I sent him to the store for a passing whim.