Zamira, Zemirah, Zemira.

I just came across the beautiful name Zemirah (Hebrew for song of praise).

Coincidentally, someone else also just posted the name Zamira in a thread along with some other great names like Odeta (So gorgeous!)

What do you think about the name? Does anyone know if Zemirah and Zamira are variations of the same name? Does the name seem super familiar to anyone else?

If I used this name I would probably spell it Zemira or Zamira.

I know a [name]Samira[/name] and have always admired the name. I think the Z adds some spunk to it. I like Zamira.

Because Hebrew has a different alphabet than English, there is often more than one way to transliterate a name from one language to the other. Zamirah vs. Zemirah is just a variation in how people would write a certain vowel sound.

[name]Samira[/name] is a different name-- an Arabic name meaning “close friend.” It’s pronounced sa-MEER-uh.

The Hebrew name is usually pronounced with a long I sound in the middle-- Za-MYE-ruh.

Um, not really. As a Hebrew speaker, i’d never in a million years say it with a long i, and i wouldn’t recognize the name at all if it were said that way.

ok. In the US that’s what I hear. But that name is very much influenced by the African-American naming tradition here, so that’s doubtless why.