Zarek and Krysztof

[name]Hi[/name] Everyone!

I’ve never posted here before, so first, hello everyone! I am impressed by some of thee insight you guys have on names, and I am in desperate need of help!! :slight_smile:

We will be having a little boy, and I wanted to get your thoughts/reactions to 2 of the names we are considering…

Zarek and Krysztof


Thanks in advance!!

Of the two, I like Zarek better. It reminds me of [name]Marek[/name] (Polish form of [name]Mark[/name]). It strikes me as being ethnic/ off the beaten path without being too out there. I dislike Krysztof, as it seems like a kr8tiv spelling of [name]Christophe[/name] (with a k,y, and z thrown in for “fun”). I would go for Zarek or [name]Christophe[/name].

The spelling Krysztof is confusing and I think most people on here (myself included) are not going to be fans. [name]Christophe[/name] is much cooler. I know a baby named [name]Christophe[/name] in fact. It’s such an adult-sounding name, but it’s pretty cute on a little boy. Zarek isn’t a name I’ve heard so I don’t love it yet, but there’s nothing bad about it. Are you Polish? [name]Both[/name] of those names are, correct?

Zarek - First saw this name when I read Dance With The Devil by [name]Sherrilyn[/name] [name]Kenyon[/name]. I love it (though that’s probably because I loved the character). I think it’s Persian in origin, right? Anyway, I think it’s a great name, easy to spell and while unusual, wouldn’t be seen as weird.

Krysztof - [name]Love[/name] the name, just not this spelling. Would much rather see a more traditional spelling, such as [name]Christoph[/name] or [name]Christophe[/name].

personally I really like Krysztof. There’s a well known Polish singer named [name]Krzysztof[/name] Krawczyk. So to me Krysztof looks more Eastern European than creative. I like Zarek is well, but just not as much.

I like both names although I agree with others that the spelling of Krysztof would be difficult in the US. I think I prefer Zarek because although it is unfamiliar to my ear it is pleasing and ethnic without being confusing.

[name]Krzysztof[/name] is the Polish form of [name]Christopher[/name]. I love the late Polish filmmaker [name]Krzysztof[/name] Kieslowski.
If you are in the USA, many people will have trouble with the spelling, & may think it is kr8tiv. Unless you have family/heritage reasons for using it I would stick with [name]Christopher[/name]. Although if I lived in Europe I would definitely use [name]Krzysztof[/name]. I much prefer it to Zarek.

Thank you so much everyone!! I really appreciate the feedback. I prefer Zarek, and thought the Polish spelling of Krysztof was going to be hard but the hubby is still in love with Krysztof. sigh Yep, we are Polish. It is close to [name]Marek[/name] and [name]Jarek[/name] which are both Slavic too.

When we were naming our daughter it was so much easier :slight_smile: We had a common favorite girl’s name so it was a slam dunk with less than 5 minutes conversation… I wish the boy’s name was as easy!!

Thanks again everyone!!

perhaps [name_m]Kristof[/name_m]?

Krysztof is a lovely name. But I have to agree that spelling is a real challenge! I like the name but would perhaps get a different spelling.

[name_f]Welcome[/name_f] to Nameberry! Are you living in Poland or are you in an English-speaking country? If you are Polish then Krysztof shouldn’t be too difficult for your family. I have a Polish [name_f]Krystyna[/name_f] in my family and I know a Polish Urszula and a Milosz here in [name_f]Canada[/name_f] and I don’t think they have had too many problems with their names. The only way that names will become familiar is for parents to choose them. The more we see them, the less we mispronounce or misspell them. Although Zarek isn’t bad either, I prefer Krysztof myself. I’m curious about what you’ve named your daughter.

This is an old thread from [name_f]May[/name_f] 2011.

[name_m]How[/name_m] about Krysztof Zarek?
I’ve never met a Zarek. It reminds me of the Polish name Svarog (Swarog?) which I find strangely beautiful.

^^Oh whoops! Thanks Raquel. :slight_smile: