Zeus Airam?

Okay i think i finally found what im looking for. but is it good or will he get made fun of?
[name]Zeus[/name] Airam nickname [name]ZuZu[/name]… my husband loves zeus and his mom (who recently passed) is named maria. if we have a girl the name will be [name]Alise[/name] [name]Maria[/name], and Boy will be [name]Zeus[/name] Airam (maria spelled backwards). he loves it, and i think its creative, but im not sure if hed get made fun of. let me know what you think…

Okay, while [name]Zeus[/name] might fly in some uber-cool parts of the world (hello, Manhattan!), I’m just a country girl and can’t quite wrap my head around it. It just seems like way too much to live up to. On the other hand, Airam is quite growing on me, and would be a lovely and unexpected tribute to [name]Maria[/name].

I definitely think [name]Zeus[/name] can work, especially in hipper parts of the world, and Airam is indeed creative. But I have a little problem with [name]Zuzu[/name] – it’s most famously the nickname of the little girl in “It’s A Wonderful Life.” So while [name]Zeus[/name] is this huge masculine image to live up to, [name]Zuzu[/name] is this delicate little girl! Stick with [name]Zeus[/name]…

[name]Zeus[/name] would work up here near [name]Boston[/name], too! Airam is a pretty neat thought for a middle. He might hide it when he’s older but nothing beats sentiment, I think. yeah, [name]Zeus[/name] as a first name gets an head-up, “hey, now that’s interesting” nod. :slight_smile: [name]Apollo[/name]'s my favorite of the gods but [name]Zeus[/name] definitely works better than Ares!

I like [name]Zeus[/name] I been thinking about this and I like [name]Zeus[/name] [name]Abram[/name] or [name]Zeus[/name] [name]Aaron[/name]

[name]Zeus[/name] is a little much for this country girl but I like Airam esp. because of the meaning behind it.

I think he’d definitely get made fun of! It’s too specific to mythology, not to real humans.

My concern would be about the connotation of the name if your family (or he later) becomes very religious. [name]Zeus[/name] is a very strong, well recognized name (a positive!) but for the very religious might be put off considering he was a god among many. It might also be a hard name to carry for a small child (or not so tall and muscular man).