10 weeks to go and all named out!

Hey guys,

I think I peaked too early :frowning: I became obsessed with names while TTC… and now I’m 30 weeks pregnant and just over it! I feel like all the sparkle has gone from the names we had shortlisted.

We did not find out the sex of the baby as we would like the surprise.

Is it possible to have a name that is classic, not popular, and with a bit of whimsy/spunk??? Because that’s what I am looking for…

Okay, our surname is [name]Connell[/name]. We are Australian – I am Danish/English background and my husband is Irish/Australian.

Here are the names we are considering for both gender… along with the pros and cons. I’d love some opinions and other suggestions.


pro: family name, vintage appeal, cute nn of [name]Oz[/name]/[name]Ozzi[/name]
cons: too popular? Does it clash with our last name? Ordinary meaning “deer lover” or something like that…

pro: love the name, it’s exactly what we’re looking for. Great meaning “mind, intellect”
cons: My husband and I are very tall… so the teasing potential of “Huge”? // the o runs into [name]Connell[/name] and sounds like O’[name]Connell[/name]


pro: [name]Adore[/name] this name - beautiful and feminine with great literary background. Could use [name]Lula[/name] as a nn. great meaning “well spoken”
cons: Is it too unusual? [name]Will[/name] it annoy me to have to spell / pronounce all the time? Is it silly using a French name if we have no French herritage?

pro: Has great nn’s. Flows well with our last name. has some vintage quirk that I like.
cons: Is it getting too popular? Doesn’t feel sophisticated to me. The meaning is average “Duck” or “weaver”

Other names I like but don’t quite cut the mustard (unless you could convince me otherwise)…

Boys: [name]Oliver[/name], [name]Charles[/name]/ “[name]Charlie[/name]”, [name]Theodore[/name]
Girls: [name]Frances[/name], [name]Maeve[/name], [name]Mirabel[/name], [name]Alice[/name]

Would really love your help. Thanks guys!
[name]Abelle[/name] x

I really like [name]Oscar[/name], but the idea of [name]Ozzie[/name] from [name]Oz[/name] is a little cutesy for me. I agree that [name]Hugo[/name] does not sound the best with your last name – maybe just [name]Hugh[/name], or something similar like [name]Hudson[/name]? I like the other boys’ names on your list, but I agree that they don’t quite have that sparkle.

[name]Eulalie[/name] sounds a bit off to me for some reason. Maybe it flows TOO well, it doesn’t seem to have a lot of substance. [name]Penelope[/name] is much nicer, but I too am a little bit skittish about the “duck” meaning. I like [name]Maeve[/name] a lot too. As far as nicknames go, if you’re going for [name]Nell[/name], you could try [name]Eleanora[/name] too.

I love [name]Eulalie[/name]! It goes beautifully with your last name and [name]Lulu[/name] is adorable. I don’t think the name’s background should have any bearing on whether you use it if you like it. As to the pronunciation/spelling, I don’t see as that complicated, but that’s something you’ll have to decide whether you can handle it.

Of the boys names my favorite is [name]Oliver[/name], with [name]Theodore[/name] as my second fav.

I love many of the names on your list. [name]Hugo[/name] probably isnt ideal with a C last name, I have the same problem. [name]Oscar[/name] and [name]Penelope[/name] are my favorites. [name]Both[/name] are vintage, strong, and little quirky.

[name]Amelie[/name]- means “energetic”
[name]Eve[/name]- means “life”
[name]Annabel[/name]- “loving”
[name]Eloise[/name]- “healthy”
[name]Paulina[/name] “humble”
[name]Ottilie[/name] “prosper”
[name]Edmund[/name]- “wealthy protector”
[name]Silas[/name]-"[name]Man[/name] of the forrest"
[name]Julian[/name]- “Youthful”
[name]Caspar[/name]- “Imperial”
[name]Otto[/name]- “Wealth”

From your short list, I like [name]Oscar[/name] and [name]Penelope[/name]. I think they are both unusual and spunky but vintage too. I don’t like [name]Hugo[/name] with your last name, and [name]Eulalie[/name] is pretty but I prefer [name]Penelope[/name].

Since you just have two of each gender, you could always bring them to the hospital and wait to see!