15 year age gap

My first child is and will be 15 when the triplets arrive do you think it is important his name is part of the set or can I jsut do the triplets on their own? My 15 year old has a diffrent last name then the triplets will have
thnak you

i think you can just do triplets their own.
but what are their genders?

I agree with the pp.

it’s not uncommon at all…
my cousin had a baby 2 years ago and all her other kids are adults.

I think all their names should be different. They will look alike, they don’t need matchy names.

I am only 10 weeks so not sure of there sex yet
I do know that they will be one set of twins plus one becuase 2 share one sack

No I don’t think it’s important that your 15 year old’s name is used; however, I do think you should include him in the naming process. It will make him feel more involved.

I don’t think it’s a problem to have a different style or strategy in naming the triplets compared to your older child’s name. There’s a big enough gap where you have changed quite a lot and so have your tastes and opinions.