2 days until due date...help!

Our first baby is due this [name]Wednesday[/name] (yikes!) and we still cannot decide between 2 girl names. My husband is half Swedish, half Spanish and our last name is [name]Rodriguez[/name]. We want the 1st name to honor his scandinavian heritage. Its between:

[name]Sasha[/name] [name]Rodriguez[/name]

[name]Sonja[/name] [name]Rodriguez[/name] (pronounced sone-ya)

Which do you like better? Thanks for the help!!!

[name]Sasha[/name]! I don’t really like [name]Sonja[/name]…

[name]Sasha[/name]! I don’t really like [name]Sonja[/name]…

I say [name]Sasha[/name] too.


I agree, [name]Sasha[/name] is a beautiful name!

[name]Sasha[/name] is beautiful - also [name]Sonja[/name]/[name]Sonya[/name] must have gone through a phase of popularity some time in the early 60s in [name]England[/name] because my mum has 2 friends called [name]Sonya[/name] so for me it’s a really middle-aged woman name! If I didn’t already know [name]Sonja[/name]'s then I would probably think it was a lovely name but honestly I much much much prefer [name]Sasha[/name].

I think they are both pretty but my vote is for [name]Sasha[/name] too. Always been one of my favorite names!!