3 across car seats

We are planning to start ttc #3 here at the end of the year (so long as everything goes well!)

Our biggest obstacle right now is our car situation. We have 2 great carseats for our 2 littles. However there is no way we could squeeze a 3rd in between them. We thought about buying a new car. However this will probably be our last, and since both our cars fit 5 people it seems silly to buy a whole new car that would fit more people than we need. We came to the decision it would be much more practical & economical if we could find better car seats that fit 3 across in the back, while still being comfortable and safe.

Does anyone else have 3 across car seats. What brand do you use?

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This depends on your car too. Some cars cannot put 3 across if they have overlapping carseats.

I’ve always heard the diono carseats work really well, again depending on vehicle with 3 across.

[name_f]My[/name_f] car the [name_m]Nissan[/name_m] rogue cannot do 3 across so I would have to upgrade


I’m in Australia and this is a very useful website: Which 5 Seat cars will fit 3 child seats across the back row? – BabyDrive

It may not apply to you as it depends on which kind of car you have. If you’re in another country there may be a similar website that covers your car.

I can’t help you personally as we went from 2 to 4 kids in one go and so had to upgrade to a [name_f]Kia[/name_f] Carnival, which has 4 anchor points. If you do decide to go for a bigger car, I can absolutely recommend the [name_f]Kia[/name_f] as it is so practical for a family. So much space!


I just came across this website earlier! Whoever thought of it was brilliant. [name_u]Super[/name_u] helpful!

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