3 under 3?

[name_m]Just[/name_m] curious to hear from any other moms/dads who have experience with three littles close in age. Doesn’t have to necessarily be all under three but just close enough that you are/were dealing with three small kids at once.
DH and I are planning to TCC again in [name_f]May[/name_f]. Our twins are 17 months old now and would be 2.5 when the baby is born if we were to conceive right away.
I know that having twins is already a lot to handle but they’ve been very good babies for the most part and play very well together. I do feel guilty thinking about dividing my attention with another baby though since they already have to share me as it is.
Since we went straight to two kids we’ve never experienced the one child thing. I’m wondering if this will make the transition to three easier or harder.
[name_m]How[/name_m] did your older children react to baby number 3? [name_m]How[/name_m] did you cope when they were little or as they got older?

So I am having my little guy and my daughter will be 2.5, but I’m also a nanny. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was with a family 60hrs a week with their 2yr and 1yr old boys. They were 2.5 and 16months when she was born. Now, I know I wasn’t with them 24/7, but I was with them M-F 7am when they woke up until I fed them dinner and gave them baths and bed at 7pm. It is hard, no doubt, but as long as you have a schedule, and remember to keep calm, it can be done.

Thanks for the responses! :slight_smile: I love hearing from other moms/caretakers of multiple little ones. Everyone is different of course, but it’s good to hear that people make it through it. Lol
I’m expecting it to be a challenge but I know we won’t regret adding another baby to love.
I’ll be 34 soon and while I know that’s not old, I don’t want to wait too long in case it takes us longer this time.

I take care of twins who are 1.5, no siblings yet but parents say that they would ideally like to wait a little longer so the twins are old enough to help out, as much as little kids can of course. At the very least, I imagine it would be easier when the twins are old enough to be sat down in a playroom with toys or milling about with someone watching them, while newbie is being held/fed/etc. In your case your boys would certainly be old enough to not need to be carried most of the time. Being a nanny all I can say is that I see both sides of the coin. If you compare having one newborn at a time to two newborns at a time, then having another baby would borderline feel like a piece of cake! But if you see it more as having 3 kids versus 2 kids, then yes, it will definitely be harder because there’s 3 instead of 2. The age gap is the big question though, but if you really wanted it to be easy you would wait until the kids were like 10 lol, so if that’s not in the cards for you I see no problem with TTC now! Good luck with everything.

I had three under 3.5 when my youngest was born this [name_f]February[/name_f]. I’m not going to lie… this has been a tough year. She is absolutely fabulous and so, so worth it (of course) but I honestly wouldn’t want to relive this year! I think it all hinges on whether or not you have a sleeper, haha. (Spoiler: I don’t). Good luck with whatever you choose to do! Your twins have gorgeous names.

I have 3 under 4. My boys are 18 months apart but we waited a bit longer to have #3. It’s hard most of the time, but my oldest is 4 and actually can help me a little. Both of them adore the baby and have since the beginning, no problems with a new addition to the family or jealousy or anything (which I expected). The hardest part is when all of them need something at the same time or back-to-back so you’re just go-go-going for an extended time. My middle one is in his terrible twos now, so into everything with an attitude, and that makes things challenging. We’re planning on going for 4 just over 5 this coming year but the main question that keeps coming up is: can we handle it and handle it well? Most days I think we can, on difficult days I worry. We will see what happens! Best of luck to you!

I have triplets aged 2 and 2 older children. When the triplets came along, they were very cautious at first but then they warmed to them and they help quite a bit around the house. It was something I was worried about but it turned out fine. Expecting baby number 6 currently so who knows!

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Twins are a challenge. Triplets? You are superwoman! :raised_hands::laughing:

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When my third was born, my oldest was a month shy of 3 years old. [name_f]My[/name_f] second was 13 months. This was my favourite age gap, and I probably had an easier time transitioning from 2-3 than 1-2, or 3-4, because there were bigger age gaps.

They’re 14, 12, and 11 now. They’ve always been homeschooled so they’ve always been really good at playing together and now have really similar interests so apart from normal sibling squabbles they get along really well.

I have 6 kids now, and that 3 under 3 was still my favourite. I appreciate still being in the “baby phase” rather than aging out of that and then starting all over again with the next.

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This is good to hear! Thank you. I plan to homeschool as well. :blush: