9 Months with Courteney Cox

I’m curious to know who has watched this show and what your thoughts are!

It’s only available on Facebook, it’s a “Facebook Watch series” and there are 2 seasons.

Here’s the link :blush:

In summary, they follow several couples and individuals on their pregnancy journey. All of them have a unique or different situation.

Some examples:

  • Two single, gay, best friends (male and female) decide to live together and have a baby together.

  • A young, unmarried couple, who are largely supported by a parent, accidentally become pregnant and ultimately decide on adoption.

  • A couple struggling with fertility for 9 years decide to try IVF.

  • A married couple find out they are pregnant and, one week later, they find out she has breast cancer and needs to start treatment ASAP.

  • A woman, who is 50 years old and single, decides to use anonymous donor sperm to become a mom.

  • A Mormon couple struggle with fertility and ultimately decide to use donor eggs to become pregnant, due to issues and damage to her eggs from medical conditions.

  • A woman with Cerebral Palsy, and her husband, become pregnant with their first child.

These are just a few examples! There are many others!

My thoughts -

I love the diversity and representation here! I really like the pace of the show and the stories!

Everything except the “interviews” are filmed by the upcoming parents or their friends/families on phones. I feel like there’s probably a bit less “producer” influence for staged scenes… But, on the other hand, more staged scenes by the upcoming parents. Which I think is kinda preferable, because they have more control over their story… Maybe… :woman_shrugging:t2:

Also, some of the “accidental” pregnancies probably aren’t an accident… Because why would someone apply to be on the show, if they’re not trying to have a baby :thinking:

I guess part of why I bring it up is because I’ve decided to apply… But even if I’m accepted, I may not do it. I just feel like it doesn’t hurt to apply. I have a very unique situation that hasn’t been featured on the show yet, along with a medical condition that I’ve been very public about trying to raise awareness. It seems like a good opportunity… Potentially.

There are a couple situations where people are painted in a bad light… And I don’t want that to happen to me. I don’t know why it would be, but who knows… Ya know?



Hmm. That show does sound really interesting, although I know nothing about it.

It sounds like you’re applying for the right reasons, so it might be a good idea. As a somewhat private person, it doesn’t appeal to me, but I think any concerns you have about how you might be painted can wait until you’re a little further into the application. Visibility can be really valuable! Have you talked to people you’re close with who are more familiar with your situation?

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Yeah, my 2 best friends really like the idea. But I would need to get 2 other people, who are close to me, on board. Otherwise, I couldn’t do it. But I feel like it would be easier for them to decide and give me an honest answer if I was already accepted. Right now it’s just an idea, I may not be accepted, then it’s all kinda brought up for nothing.

But it’s a really interesting show, I highly recommend it! The episodes are only 15 minutes long, so it’s super easy to binge watch :sweat_smile:

I guess there’s no harm in applying!

I’ve deleted my Facebook, so I’ll check out some clips on YouTube.