A Couple Opinions Please :)

I have been considering adding [name]Channing[/name] to my list. I think it is very masculine and cool but not too off my style. I can see [name]Channing[/name] being a brother to the boys names on my, especially, [name]Dean[/name], [name]Dominic[/name] [name]Charlie[/name], [name]Callum[/name], and [name]Roman[/name]? WDYT or [name]Channing[/name] in general? Is too trendy? too off style? or just right?

I have also been considering [name]Howard[/name]. To me it is not that old man and I can just see me with a little [name]Howie[/name] :slight_smile: Does this make a good fit with my list? WDYT of [name]Howard[/name], especially with the NN [name]Howie[/name]?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Aw, sorry, [name]Lindsay[/name], but I absolutely hate [name]Howard[/name]. I tried to be that kid in high school that was nice to all the nerds (especially since I didn’t have many friends, haha), but there was this one guy I just couldn’t stand. And yes, he was a [name]Howard[/name], nn [name]Howie[/name]. He was just so clingy and demanding and embarrassing… [name]Howard[/name] just seems so frumpy and unappealing to me, and I just don’t see how [name]Howie[/name] is cute in any sense, haha, sorry. I probably wouldn’t mind it so much if it weren’t for the [name]Howie[/name] I knew, though!

[name]Channing[/name]… I see its appeal. I like it, in a way, but it seems very nouveau and Hollywood-inspired. Does anyone think of the name and not think of [name]Channing[/name] [name]Tatum[/name]? I do like it, though, and considered using [name]James[/name] [name]Channing[/name] for a story I wrote once.

That’s ok, I have met a couple [name]Howard[/name]'s that I just loved and the only [name]Howie[/name] I new was the best :slight_smile: I am not sure whether or not [name]Channing[/name] fits, jut playing around with for now. Thanks for the opinions!

[name]Channing[/name] is a bit much really. All I see is [name]Channing[/name] [name]Tatum[/name] the exotic dancer turned actor. It doesn’t go with your classic boys names at all [name]IMO[/name]. I love [name]Howie[/name] though!

[name]Channing[/name] - Sorry, all I think of is [name]Channing[/name] [name]Tatum[/name]. Now if it’s a middle name, I’d be much more open to that…assuming that you aren’t planning on calling him [name]Brock[/name] [name]Channing[/name] or something equally ridiculous.
[name]Howard[/name] - Usually I like old-fashioned names, even ones that are still off limits to most people, but I can’t get behind this one.

I know who [name]Channing[/name] [name]Tatum[/name] is but I don’t go straight to him for some reason. I think the name sounds classy but I guess the rest of the world will go to [name]Channing[/name] [name]Tatum[/name].

I’m not really sure what I think about [name]Channing[/name]. I think it has potential to be really cute and it seems like a name that is sophisticated and charming. [name]Channing[/name] [name]Tatum[/name] is a bit of a problem with this name though but maybe he will not be popular after a few years.

[name]Howard[/name] I think of one of the main characters on the Big Bang [name]Theory[/name] so I see it on someone who is nerdy and a bit girl-impaired. It isn’t my favorite name but I think it’s a name that a child could grow into eventually. [name]Howie[/name] is a cute nn for that name though :slight_smile: .

I think I like [name]Chandler[/name] better than [name]Channing[/name], but in the end I like them both. I must be sheltered because I don’t know who [name]Channing[/name] [name]Tatum[/name] is. [name]Howard[/name] does sound a little nerdy to me, too, but [name]Howie[/name] could be cute.

I love [name]Channing[/name]! It is uncommon and cool. Though I know a girl named [name]Channing[/name], the name seems distinctly masculine to me. As for [name]Howard[/name] nn [name]Howie[/name]… [name]Howie[/name] Mandel ala [name]Deal[/name] or no [name]Deal[/name]… enough said.

Thanks Everyone!! I am playing around with [name]Channing[/name] for the moment and I think I am leaving [name]Howie[/name] off for a while :slight_smile: