A name I overheard...!

So, I was out shopping the other day and spotted a mother with bright pink dyed (obviously) hair who was looking at toys with her little girl.

As any good Name-nerd would I found myself wondering what the little girl (about 2 years old from the looks of it) was called. And not only because I always wonder but because I was fairly certain a mother who had some sort of emo/goth style going on and bright (seriously bright!) pink hair would name their child something interesting.

As I walked away I was lucky enough to hear the mother call her child over to her. And the little girl’s name you ask?



It may sound cute now but that’s going to be hard to grow up with. In fact I have a hard time taking a child with that name seriously, let alone a teen or adult.

[name]ITA[/name]. Pixie won’t be cute after about the age of 3. But maybe it was just a nn???

Pixie? Hmm…I think it depends on if she’s named after the candy (it’s undeniable that Pixie Sticks are a national treasure), the hairstyle, or the dust.

If she’s named after the candy, I think that Pixie is total C.E.O material, but if it’s related to the hairstyle or the dust, I don’t think it will age very well.

Excellent sleuthing, [name]Kiki[/name]! I’m awarding you a badge of honor for your efforts.

Take care!

Oh that poor baby! I had my niece at Build-A-[name]Bear[/name] the other weekend and the little girl in front of us had a cough unusual name also: Greenleigh. The little girl was about 5 or 6 and it took her several trys to spell her name correctly. As a teacher, that made me VERY sad!

Pixie is darling! Yes, I doubt it”ll age well, but if it were a nickname ” perfection! (: Not sure what it would be a nickname for; unless it was merely a sweet little child-parent calling? Or perhaps it was her actual name.
I don”t know.
I think it quite irritating that people can”t take a Pixie or whatever seriously, let alone think them professional. I”m a strong believer in that it simply is about personality and how you hold yourself. On the other hand, though, I do think that a name should reflect a person”s personality. Oh well. (: Darling, and ciao for now!

I can’t imagine what name Pixie might be short for and the way she said it didn’t sound like an term of affection.
It wasn’t like she was saying “Oh look at this Pixie” it was more “Pixie come back here”