A name to go with 'Jamieson'

My husband and I are considering [name]Jamieson[/name] for a boys name for our new arrival in [name]March[/name], but we are struggling to come up with a middle name to go with it. Our surname is [name]Russell[/name] and we want to leave it open to call the new bub [name]Jamieson[/name] or [name]Jamie[/name] for short, so the middle name needs to go with both of these. I’ve tried a few combinations and don’t really want anything that ends in ‘n’ or ‘ie’ or ‘y’. Any ideas would be greatly welcomed!

Well, the first one that came to mind was [name]Mark[/name]. It’s simple, but I don’t think (I don’t study the lists, though) too popular.

[name]Jamieson[/name] [name]Mark[/name] [name]Russell[/name]
[name]Jamieson[/name] [name]Paul[/name] [name]Russell[/name]
[name]Jamieson[/name] [name]Patrick[/name] [name]Russell[/name]

Because of the “ie” in [name]Jamieson[/name], I pronounce the name"[name]Jay[/name]-mee-son," as opposed to the usual “[name]Jay[/name]-mih-son” pronunciation of [name]Jameson[/name]/[name]Jamison[/name]. (But this may be different for you, depending on where you live.) :slight_smile:

[name]Jamieson[/name] [name]Beckett[/name]
[name]Jamieson[/name] [name]Charles[/name]
[name]Jamieson[/name] [name]Edward[/name]
[name]Jamieson[/name] [name]Grant[/name]
[name]Jamieson[/name] [name]Luke[/name]

Best wishes to you! :slight_smile:

I would spell it [name]Jameson[/name] unless the ie spelling is significant for you. You would still get the nn [name]Jamie[/name]. For middles:
[name]Jamieson[/name] [name]Carter[/name]
[name]Jamieson[/name] [name]Thomas[/name]
[name]Jamieson[/name] [name]Robert[/name]
[name]Jamieson[/name] [name]Grant[/name]
[name]Jamieson[/name] [name]Edward[/name]

Would DH’s name work as a middle, or one of the grandfathers?