A Place for Pet Names Maybe?

My cats are like my kids, so I would love to have a place where we can talk about what to name our furbabies! All of the other forums are great for human baby names, but it seems kind of inappropriate to ask what to name a litter of kittens in the sibset forum and a discussion in the boys’ section on whether it would be cute or cruel to name a runty pig [name]Link[/name], for example, might not be such a great idea.

I second the motion. I’d love to talk puppy names, but it doesn’t always seem appropriate.

I, too think this would be a great addition to the site. I volunteer at my local animal shelter and get the opportunity to name some of its fantastic felines at times. I would love to be able to discuss pet names/request ideas for pet names in a specially reserved section. Thanks for considering it, and thanks for such a splendid name site! :smiley:

Plus, it would be great to actually get to share the story about the pig named [name]Link[/name]…it’s kind of cute.

I would love a [name]Pet[/name] Name section! I love all animals; I’ve rescued many and would love to rescue more. I live in the country and I name every kitten in each litter! Great idea! :slight_smile:

This is a good idea–we’ll put it on our ‘To [name]Do[/name]’ list.

We’re doing it!! Stay tuned to the forums…

It’s now up and ready for your pet-naming pleasure.