Another short spelling to [name]Aaliyah[/name], pronounced the name thoughts?

Its fine. Very light and airy.

I think I prefer [name]Aaliyah[/name], just looks a little more “complete” to me and has the benefit of most people knowing the pronunciation. While I dont think youd have too much trouble with [name]Aalia[/name], it might need a bit of correction at first.

[name]Aalia[/name] is a nice name, but Im not sure about this spelling. I like the spelling [name]Aliya[/name], like the gymnast [name]Aliya[/name] Mustafina…haha!


[name]How[/name] are you saying it?
Uh-lee-uh, or [name]Ah[/name]-lee-yah?

It’s nice, I’d say it the second way before the first. I’ve seen [name]Alia[/name] before, and [name]Aliya[/name], so [name]Aalia[/name] is fine.

I have a friend named Aliyaa, so any other spelling looks off to me. Nice name though, and refreshing to hear!

not sure how to pronounce it, but my guess would be [name]AH[/name]-lee-uh or [name]AH[/name]-lie-uh. The double A makes me want to put emphasis on the first syllable.