Actors and Actresses to Play David and Pepper

What actors and actresses do you think that would be perfect to play David and Pepper?

1.David is a twelve year old boy who is friends with a stuffed female dog whom he considers his true best friend, he likes to draw and likes to be a cartoonist when he grows up. He is nice, smart, creative, humorous, adventurous, easygoing, friendly, goofy, outgoing, fun-loving, clever, bright, confident, optimistic, active, kind, cool, imaginative, responsible and hardworking though he can be arrogant, selfish, lazy, mischievous, immature, and act cowardly but he makes it up for it in the end. He likes to play games, play soccer and field hockey, reading comics, paint, draw and sketch pictures, play outside, making home movies and videos, and spending time hanging with his best friend Pepper.

  1. Pepper is a female stuffed animal dog who is David’s lifelong best friend and companion, she is usually the voice of reason to him and she usually acts as the older sibling/ parent figure but sometimes she can act immature and mischievous as him. She is clever, honest, intelligent, logical, loyal, caring, smart, charismatic, fun-loving, energetic, enthusiastic, playful, responsible, lovable, mature, witty, wise, strong, amiable, tomboyish, fiery, compassionate, sensible, feisty, tough, short-tempered, straightforward, and brave she can be childish, clumsy, cynical, pessimistic, snarky, and even can be bossy at times especially to David. She likes to spend time hanging out with David, likes to watch TV, to play catch, relaxing, play on her laptop, swimming, roller skating, playing tennis.