Ad Quality, etc.

I love nameberry, but it constantly annoys me.

When I go to type in a name, it moves up and down and I end up hitting some stupid ad at the top.

#2, the stupid ads. Must there be so many and must they mess with my use of nameberry?

I never am swayed by ads to buy products so they are wasted on me.

If anything, they unsway me.

Also, can you please remove those trashy things at the bottom of the page, which often include a sad looking dog and the headline pit bull dies after being sexually abused. That shows up all the time and makes me want to throw up.

You do know there are free ad blockers you can install on your browser, right? They will eliminate this problem both on Nameberry and on the rest of the internet.

Adds help free websites like Nameberry run. They suck, sure, but it is a part of the internet. I doubt Namberry cares if people buy the products or not. I agree with Skiftande, I use AdBlock and I do not have any problems.

Download an ad blocker.