Ads Interfering With Use

Yes the ads have made it near impossible for me to read lists on mobile!
The big page-long ads that have “scroll for more content” at top and bottom cover up a big part of the article or list, so why would I even try to read!? I’ve loved Nameberry for a long time, and I’ve finally made an account to be a “Berry” myself, but these ads covering content make me want to stay off the site :frowning:

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It’s the same for me right now, @ajo, but this is way more extreme than usual. Please bear with us while we try to sort it out. I’m glad you’ve taken the plunge to become a [name_u]Berry[/name_u] (welcome!) and I hope this temporary issue doesn’t put you off forever!

1 Like ‘s ads take over the full page on the main site.


This even happens to me on a desktop, even if the ad isn’t blocking the reply button, I can’t reply until I close the ad.
It’s really frustrating.

here to attest the problem is still ongoing and extremely bothersome.
i’m on desktop and every single time i want to reply to a post, i have an ad in my way - except this one, because of course.

i’m really worried at some point i’ll end up clicking on one of them and getting a virus.
big oof

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I have the same issue on mobile. The banner ad at the bottom of the screen makes it near impossible to hit the “Reply” button, and hitting “X” doesn’t make it disappear. I know I could install an ad blocker, but I never experience this problem when using other websites. Surely this kind of thing will put new members off posting.

Could someone please block this ad? It keeps popping up over my text box and it’s driving me mad!

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Is this the only ad that does this or have you seen others fill the same amount of space?

It’s literally only that one!

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I am losing my mind with these small ads that don’t go away when you press the x because they’re completely covering the reply button. I wouldn’t mind them if they didn’t cover the reply button but it makes using this site on mobile impossible. I have to refresh the page and hope my comment saved so I can quickly submit before the ad pops up :weary:

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I’m experiencing the same, I will bump this issue again.

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