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[name_m]Hi[/name_m]. Is there at all any way on the website where I can enter all the letters I want in a name and only names with those letters show up? If not please please can you add this? I really need this and I bet it would help a ton more people out wanting this too! I have yet to see it on any baby name website and it has been frustrating.

I have used the Advanced function and for example it will show names with those letters plus more from the alphabet I didn’t type in the search. Instead I need all baby names that only have the letters I search for. What I am needing is every name that exists on the website with some or all of the letters being searched. What I noticed too with that advanced function, is if I search for liv…names like [name_f]Olivia[/name_f] will show up but if I search it like ivl nothing will show up. I’m actually searching for names with the letters in any order. [name_u]Will[/name_u] save me from having to ask users over and over again to get as many names as I possibly can with those letters. And even then there’s so many names out there I’m missing out on. [name_f]Hope[/name_f] that makes sense and hoping this can be done!

This function doesn’t exist on Nameberry, I’m afraid. You might be able to use an online anagram maker or something like that.

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] @danza – I can understand how you’d want that but I don’t understand how we’d make that! It’s beyond ordinary powers of engineering. Maybe in the future…

I will agree this would be great on here. Until such a time exists, you might try these: —> there are a few other name search tools on here as well where you can change the search parameters to other letter based search types

Letter Combining Parameters - —> not my favourite due to the more limited database

You already have a function that you can search names that “contain only these letters” so what about one that works with names “except these letters” :blush:

There’s not any anagram makers with actual baby names : / they are words and most of the times it’s limited and the words don’t make sense. They just jumble the letters together.

Yes Litscape is my favorite for this! But they put in so many spellings for one name and it’s hard to go through : / because a lot of the times it’s more than triple per certain names.

not on nameberry, but here’s one that i use which i love!

Which one? I don’t see anything!

the link must not have shown up for you, sorry! i’ll try again