I went to school with a Bosnian girl with this name. Pronounced like [name]Isla[/name].

[name]Isla[/name] is a favorite of mine, but we’re wanting to use a name that starts with A.

Yay or nay?

Nay. Looks ugly and says Aj-lah.

It’s the pronunciation that would confuse me. I know someone named [name]Aja[/name] (pronounced [name]Asia[/name]) and someone named Ajilee (ah-jha-lee) so the look of it doesn’t really bother me.

If you want [name]Isla[/name] prn but an A initial, I think Aila, while destined for some confusion (mainly, some people will say it to rhyme with [name]Kayla[/name] or [name]Layla[/name]), will be MUCH less confusing than Ajla.

I like both [name]Isla[/name] and Aila by sound and spelling, but not Ajla so much for spelling. If you also have Bosnian or other Slavic heritage, maybe Ajla makes more sense.

Aila is used in Finnish, but I feel like it looks sort of ethnically neutral. Maybe even looks a little Irish, because of [name]Aileen[/name], or Scottish, because of [name]Ailsa[/name].

Good luck!

jesba, I thought of Aila, but I have heard more people pronouncing it as ay-luh. I do agree though, it definitely looks better.

Good to know it was considered - I suppose it’s pick your poison in terms of getting the prn from the spelling : D. I don’t think people are going to get [name]Isla[/name] from either - unless there is a big Bosnian population near where you live, and Ajla is familiar?

In your shoes I’d pick Aila, but Ajla could work enough - I mean, especially once people know her, they’ll be used to it, I just think there’ll be a lot of confusion with getting to know you times.

Good luck!