Akc Full Names for Willow and Rowan

So, I usually don’t come to the Pet Names threads, but I thought you might have some good advice.

Sometime within the next few years, my family is going to get two female Golden Retrievers (the cream/white kind), so we are just tossing around names for them. We’ve had Willow chosen for quite a while, and are thinking Rowan for her sister, but are struggling to come up with Akc registered names for them!

The only ideas I’ve come up with are kind of jokes, but some of our other dogs have had joke type full names or funny versions of well known idioms, so these might fit? I’m open to all kinds of suggestions, but I’ve come up with,
Gone With the Wind in the Willows (a combination of two book names, because we are nerds)
Row Row Rowan Your Boat (which is kind of ridiculous but also kind of funny?)

Anyway, thank you in advance for the help!

Maybe [name_f]Meryl[/name_f]? As in [name_f]Merrily[/name_f] merrily meryly meryly, life is but a dream

Thank you! That’s a fun suggestion. But I think we’ve decided on [name_u]Rowan[/name_u] :).

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