Okay I am not pregnant but I came across this name and thought is was so beautiful that I had to put it on the list if I am to ever have more kids! If I were to use it I would name her [name]Alba[/name] [name]Carolyn[/name]. [name]Carolyn[/name] is after my grandma. What do you think. I know the whole deal about [name]Jessica[/name] [name]Alba[/name], but besides that fact I think it is really pretty. What are your opinions?

My first thought was that you were an extreme [name]Jessica[/name] [name]Alba[/name] fan …
But thinking about the name on it’s own, it is quite pretty, if a little abrupt.
Reminds me of the Hebrew word for father (pronounced ah-baa, or along those lines).

Yah I know that everyone is going to think of [name]Jessica[/name] [name]Alba[/name] but that is just why I wanted to ask people about it. I just think that it such a beautiful name. If I were going to have a girl I would use it in a heart beat. I really am not a very big [name]Jessica[/name] [name]Alba[/name] fan. What do you think of putting [name]Carolyn[/name] with it. Does it make it sound to heavy and outdated?

It is the name of a character in the book “The House of the Spirits” by [name]Isabel[/name] Allende so that’s the first thing I thought of.
I like the nn option of [name]Allie[/name] but don’t like the “ba” sound at the end.
[name]Rosalba[/name] nn [name]Alba[/name] is OK though.
And I like [name]Alba[/name] [name]Carolyn[/name], and [name]Alba[/name] [name]Caroline[/name] even better.

The first thing I thought of was not the actress, but instead the daughter in the novel and soon-to-be movie The Time [name]Traveler[/name]'s Wife. I loved the name then, and I love it now :slight_smile: It is precious!

Thank you so much guys I feel much better about liking the name now. You are all great. Thankx again!

I heard the name [name]Alva[/name] - a woman in her 70s. She was nice, and loved to volunteer at the theatre where I worked, dependable when we were short on staff. I think [name]Alba[/name] could be cool. The thing about celebrities actually having a name or surname is, where do you think they’ll be in 10 or 20 years? She’s famous, not the very most famous (?), not sure how talented. I think a random association with a person who hasn’t committed any scandals so far is benign, since you got the name from somewhere else and it was already a name. [name]Jolie[/name] might be a different story, since she is more famous. (I love the name [name]Jolie[/name], too). [name]Alba[/name] is also the name of an ale, but not a lot of people would know that, rated a B overall on It’s also listed online as some brand of lotion and body products. I vaguely remember an Ovaltine competitor called [name]Alba[/name], but I don’t think they make it anymore.

I think of the daughter in the Time [name]Traveler[/name]'s Wife - which is coming out this summer. I think it’s a great name.

I really like the suggestion of [name]Rosalba[/name] nn [name]Alba[/name], and [name]Alba[/name] [name]Carolyn[/name] sounds nice.
I agree with a previous poster that [name]Alba[/name] [name]Caroline[/name] has even better flow (very pretty).
It’s growing on me, especially as it seems a lot of people think of the character first (I haven’t read The Time [name]Traveller[/name]'s Wife, so that’s why I didn’t think of it …).

I really do like [name]Alba[/name] [name]Caroline[/name] but I really want to use [name]Alba[/name] [name]Carolyn[/name] because [name]Carolyn[/name] is my Grandma’s name so I want to use it to honor her! Thanks for all of the positive feedback!

That would be perfect :slight_smile:

[name]Love[/name] the Time [name]Traveler[/name]'s Wife. :slight_smile:

I think its too [name]Jessica[/name] [name]Alba[/name], but would love the name otherwise.

I also think of [name]Jessica[/name] [name]Alba[/name]. Sorry, trust me I wish I didn’t. If I had read any of the books listed here I’m sure my mind would have gone to those first. [name]Alva[/name] was mentioned above and I think [name]Alva[/name] [name]Carolyn[/name] is pretty. [name]Alba[/name] also reminds me of [name]ABBA[/name], I’m sure that’s just me though. Lets see if my opinion changes after watching the Time Travelers Wife. I’m so easily persuaded :wink:

I think there are some names that are too associated with celebrities, like Aniston, but [name]Alba[/name] is a great name on its own. Putting it together with your middle name choice,
[name]Alba[/name] [name]Caroline[/name], erases that association in my mind.

Maybe once [name]Jessica[/name] [name]Alba[/name]'s celebrity has faded, more people will be inspired to use her name, like people are naming their kids [name]Harlow[/name] (like [name]Jean[/name] [name]Harlow[/name]) or [name]Presley[/name].