Alison vs. Allison

My husband and I are having a baby girl in [name]October[/name] and we like the name [name]Alison[/name]/[name]Allison[/name] [name]Olivia[/name], but can not decide on the spelling. I prefer [name]Alison[/name], because that is how I pronounce the name. My husband also pronounces it like [name]Alison[/name], but he thinks that [name]Allison[/name] is the traditionally accepted spelling of the name and doesn’t want our daughter to be different and to always have to say “It is [name]Alison[/name] with one L”. I know this is somewhat trivial, but I would appreciate opinions!

I prefer [name]Alison[/name] because it’s much more streamlined and in my opinion, prettier, than [name]Allison[/name]. I wouldn’t say [name]Allison[/name] is more traditionally accepted; I think [name]Alison[/name] is actually the original spelling. I think either way she’ll be “[name]Alison[/name] with one L” or “[name]Allison[/name] with two Ls” or “[name]Alison[/name] with two Ls, no Y”.

[name]Alison[/name] :]

My sister is [name]Allison[/name], so thats just how I’m used to seeing it. She sometimes had to say “with 2 Ls”, but I don’t feel like it was a big deal. There isn’t really a right way or a wrong way, just different ways.

If it helps you decide…

On the SSA popularity chart for 2009, [name]Alison[/name] ranked at #227, while [name]Allison[/name] ranked at #30.

I’m used to seeing [name]Allison[/name] too, thanks to a really close friend. If you look at the SSA rankings, [name]Allison[/name] is used more often than [name]Alison[/name] (#30- over 6500 Allisons compared to #227- over 1400 Alisons).

** I was writing at the same time as the poster above. Nice timing!

I know an [name]Alison[/name], [name]Allison[/name], and [name]Alyson[/name]. Would you call her by a nickname? If so, do you prefer [name]Ali[/name], [name]Alli[/name]/[name]Allie[/name], or [name]Aly[/name]?

I like [name]Alison[/name].

I’m [name]Allison[/name], but I wish I was [name]Alison[/name] just because it’s prettier. Everybody always asks how to spell it, don’t worry about one being more “normal” than the other. I always have to say “It’s [name]Allison[/name] with two Ls,” anyway, even sometimes " and with an I. And an O and A and an S, but not in that order…" haha. I swear people have spelled it “Alysunn” and “Elician” and all sorts of crazy ways.

My name is [name]Allison[/name]. I would just like to tell you that any one you choose people are going to spell it wrong. The best thing about spelling it my way is that if people ask how to spell it she can say ALL IS ON. I told that to people and they never forget how to spell my name.

[name]Hope[/name] this helps

My sister is an [name]Alison[/name]. She works with an Alleson. I went to school with an [name]Allison[/name] and an [name]Alyson[/name]. And I just finished a book about Alizon Device. I think she’ll always have to spell it, but lots of names are like that. [name]Just[/name] go for what you think is prettiest.

I prefer [name]Alison[/name] for the way it looks. I think she’ll have to spell it either way, but I doubt it will be a huge issue. (I mean, if you were spelling it Alhacynne or something else unheard of, it would confuse people, but I think most people are familiar enough with both the spellings you’re considering that neither would be a problem.)

For what it’s worth, I think the symmety of [name]Ali[/name]/Oli in [name]Alison[/name] [name]Olivia[/name] is really pretty, but either way, I really like that combo!

I prefer [name]Allison[/name] to [name]Alison[/name] because the latter just looks incomplete to me. I know it can be argued that [name]Allison[/name] is the male spelling and [name]Alison[/name] the female, but considering how rare it is for boys these days I think that argument is moot. [name]Allison[/name] [name]Olivia[/name] is lovely!


[name]Allison[/name] :slight_smile: .

[name]Alison[/name] is a medieval diminutive of [name]Alice[/name]. I’ve never heard of it being used on boys…

Oh nvm this is from 11 years ago :rofl:

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