All about the name spelled S-T-E-P-H-E-N

Guys with the name [name]Stephen[/name]. Besides the name and spelling itself what do they have in common? Like Interests, Behavioral traits, Personality traits.
If you know a [name]Stephen[/name] whether friend, family or aquaintence, does he go by the pronunciation of STEEV-en or [name]STEF[/name]-en or doe he acknowledge both?
If you are a [name]Stephen[/name] which pronunciation do you find appropriate or acceptable?

There’s a [name]Stephen[/name] in my English class that pronounces his name the same as [name]Steven[/name]. My gg grandfather’s name was [name]Stephen[/name], also pronounced the same as [name]Steven[/name]. From what I understand [name]Stephen[/name] is STEEV-en and [name]Stephan[/name] is [name]STEF[/name]-an.

The [name]Stephen[/name] in my English class is annoying and rude. He’s either making inappropriate comments or playing games on his iPad during class. From what I’ve heard about my gg grandfather [name]Stephen[/name], he most likely had bipolar disorder or something similar. Let’s just say there were a lot of mixed feelings about him.

A good friend of mine is named [name]Stephen[/name]. Pronounced like [name]Steven[/name]. He is a thoughtful, sweet, sensitive, logical, intelligent, hard-working, family-oriented, funny, upstanding type of guy! :slight_smile:

i have a business partner named [name]Stephen[/name]. best single word to describe him is BRILLIANT. he also has a wonderful, slightly dry sense of humor. he’s very successful, happily married and dad to a remarkable son.

cousin’s youngest is also [name]Stephen[/name]. he’s an easy going young man with gorgeous big blue eyes and a quieter personality who loves every sport. both are great guys.

both pronounce their names STEE-ven; neither would acknowledge [name]STEF[/name]-an, which pronunciation people around here would think very affected.

[name]Stephen[/name]'s a great name.

[name]Stephen[/name]/[name]Steven[/name] is a family name so there are TONS of them in my family. They’re all jerks though. They all pronounce [name]Stephen[/name] as [name]Steven[/name]. There’s also plenty of famous people who pronounce it [name]Steven[/name], like [name]Stephen[/name] [name]King[/name]. I think if you want [name]STEF[/name]-en you need to spell it Stefen/[name]Stefan[/name].

My [name]Stephen[/name] ([name]Steven[/name]) is very smart, rational, funny, and he loves technology, puns and bad jokes :slight_smile:

I don’t personally know a [name]Stephen[/name], but I do know a bit about [name]Stephen[/name] Farelly, better known by his ring name Sheamus. The kind of guy who’s into sports, snazzy dresser, a tough guy who has a smiley side. (he once was [name]Bono[/name]'s bodyguard)

My dad has [name]Stephen[/name] as a middle name; half his cousins have it as a first name (all named after a shared ancestor) All are pronounced [name]Steven[/name].

There’s three people in my family named [name]Stephen[/name] (my grandfather, my father, and my brother). All their middle names are [name]John[/name] and their first names are pronounced STEE-ven. My great grandfather was also a [name]Stephen[/name] but he had a different middle name. My brother swears he’s going to break the tradition of naming sons [name]Stephen[/name]!