Alpine as a middle name? What do you guys think?

[name]Just[/name] thought of this idea, and kind of really digging it.

[name]Favorite[/name] boys names are [name]Everett[/name], [name]Bowen[/name], [name]Cabot[/name] and [name]Hollis[/name]. I think it works well with them all except for [name]Everett[/name] (would remind me to much of Mount [name]Everest[/name]).

Weird to have a little [name]Bowen[/name] Alpine, when his brothers middle names are [name]Harrison[/name] and [name]Thomas[/name]?

xo [name]Viv[/name]

It seems a bit GPish, but I do like it! I think [name]Bowen[/name] Alpine or [name]Cabot[/name] Alpine are really cool.

Ooh, I hadn’t thought of that one! I like it! I love nature names, but my hubby is more traditional, so i try to sneak nature names in as middle names :wink: My favorite right now is [name]Cedar[/name]. I tried to use it for my first son’s mn, but it didn’t fly. I am working on it for if I have a second son. I love the mountains, so Alpine sounds great to me. My son’s name is [name]Everett[/name] so of course I love that one. I like [name]Bowen[/name] too. Are your other son’s middle names meant to honor a family member? I wouldn’t think it too weird to use Alpine, when the others are so traditional. To me, middle names are great for using something that is meaningful to you, but maybe wouldn’t want to use as an every day name. Whether that is honoring a family member, or using a name that has a great meaning, I think the middle name is anything goes. Of course there are some names that are so easy to mock that you wouldn’t want to use them even as a middle name, but i don’t think Alpine fits into this category :wink:

I agree that [name]Everett[/name] Alpine is maybe too much. [name]Cabot[/name] maybe too, but because I live in VT it’s not a name that people would use.

[name]Bowen[/name] and [name]Hollis[/name] seem like better picks with that mn. Have you considered [name]Aspen[/name]?

We visit a town called Alpine every couple years so thats what it makes me think of, I never thought of it as a name though, its very interesting.

Thanks for the input guys!

We are a family of skiiers, and the boys just got really into skiing this year so I was inspired by their/our love of the mountain side and the sport, especially getting to be up in [name]Whistler[/name]'s alpine this winter. When I gave [name]Douglas[/name] the idea he LOVED it, though maybe we would use 2 middle names like we did with the sissy’s just to get all the names we love in there!

Also, we would probably be able to pull of tying it into family names since [name]Douglas[/name]’ brother is [name]Wade[/name] [name]Alexander[/name] - the “[name]Al[/name]” would be the typing factor between [name]ALexander[/name] and ALpine.

(ps: all of this is just thinking out loud. Defo not preggo. With 5 month old twins - we will probably wait a little bit longer don’t ya think?!)

Ahllpighne is better