Alternatives to baby name Ethan?

I’m expecting my second child and have decided on the name [name]Phoebe[/name] if it’s a girl, but don’t have a clue what to name my baby if it’s another boy. My 2 year-old’s name is [name]Jarod[/name]. I like the name [name]Ethan[/name] but it’s way too popular. Have posted before about name suggestions, but although I appreciated the replies, I’m still lost as to what boy name to pick. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

[name]Dathan[/name] - Pronunced: ([name]DAY[/name] than)

Names that remind me of [name]Ethan[/name]:

Good luck!


Good luck!

My son is named [name]Easton[/name], and it is a similar sound to [name]Ethan[/name], but not as popular.

I like:


Thanks for the ideas and suggestions. Are there any names that have a similar meaning to [name]Ethan[/name]?

[name]Ethan[/name] is a Hebrew name that means strong.
In the bible, [name]Samson[/name] was a very, very strong man. [name]Samson[/name] means sun.
[name]Gabriel[/name] is also a Hebrew name that means God is my strength.