Amari ____?

My best friend is pregnant with her second child, a girl. She is almost set on the name [name]Amari[/name] for the first. But we’re stumped on middle names. I can’t seem to find anything that sounds good with [name]Amari[/name]. She likes unusual names with great meanings if it helps. Thanks for any advice! Oh, and the other first name she is considering is [name]Anaya[/name].

I like [name]Amari[/name] much better than [name]Anaya[/name]…too many 'a’s for me, I think.

Middles with [name]Amari[/name]:

[name]Amari[/name] [name]Helena[/name] (would have the meaning ‘eternal light’!)
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Lucia[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Celeste[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Opal[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Felice[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Ramona[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Katharine[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Evadne[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Kalinda[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Clare[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Blythe[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Imogen[/name]

If she’s looking for another Hebrew name:

[name]Amari[/name] [name]Eve[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Noa[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Hannah[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Seraphina[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Jemima[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Nehama[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Sela[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Paz[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Eden[/name]

I may have gotten a little carried away with the meanings, but with [name]Amari[/name] being ‘eternal’, how could I not?
Good luck!


A few more she may like:

[name]Amari[/name] [name]Delphine[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Jade[/name]

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I think I like one- or two-syllable middle names best with [name]Amari[/name].

[name]Amari[/name] [name]Sage[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Lyla[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Cassia[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Rain[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Sky[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Carys[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Cherish[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Kai[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Day[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Sol[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Soleil[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Serene[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Belle[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Bella[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Elspeth[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Plum[/name]
[name]Amari[/name] [name]Viva[/name]

P.S. [name]How[/name] is [name]Anaya[/name] pronounced? ah-[name]NYE[/name]-ah? I think both [name]Amari[/name] and [name]Anaya[/name] are beautiful!