Ames or Hayes

potential if we have a son for our third to go with [name_f]Jemma[/name_f] (girl) and [name_m]Wells[/name_m] (boy)

[name_m]Hayes[/name_m] [name_m]Theodore[/name_m]
[name_m]Ames[/name_m] [name_m]Theodore[/name_m]

open to pros and cons of each! Does [name_m]Ames[/name_m] sound too much like [name_m]James[/name_m]?

I really think either could work but think [name_m]Ames[/name_m] is the more distinct from [name_m]Wells[/name_m] of the two. I don’t think it’s too much like [name_m]James[/name_m]!

[name_f]My[/name_f] vote goes to [name_m]Hayes[/name_m]! [name_m]Ames[/name_m] and [name_f]Jemma[/name_f] share almost all the letters.
I consider [name_m]Ames[/name_m] similar to [name_m]James[/name_m], yes. Only one letter is different, I wouldn’t use it for siblings but it works for any other case, in my opinion, like father and son or cousins.

[name_m]Hayes[/name_m] [name_m]Theodore[/name_m]


  • cool, nature-y vibes that fit well with [name_f]Jemma[/name_f] and [name_m]Wells[/name_m]
  • soft in sound but cool and almost edgy in vibe
  • easy to say but still distinctive


  • might sound like haze or a nickname for [name_f]Hazel[/name_f]?
  • if you were to have another boy, would you feel pressured to use another -s name? [name_f]Do[/name_f] you have another that you like?

[name_m]Ames[/name_m] [name_m]Theodore[/name_m]


  • familiar but distinctive - you think you know the name, then it’s got a twist
  • it feels like it balances well between breezy [name_m]Wells[/name_m] and slightly more solid [name_f]Jemma[/name_f]
  • it has sweet and charming meaning that I like


  • it might be confused with [name_m]James[/name_m] because they do sound very similar - and I feel like ‘like [name_m]James[/name_m] but without a J’ might be something you hear a lot
  • sounds like the word Aims - this could be a cool thing, or a slightly annoying thing

I have a soft spot for [name_m]Ames[/name_m] so that would be my preference + [name_m]Ames[/name_m] [name_m]Theodore[/name_m] is lovely!

Definitely [name_m]Ames[/name_m]! :evergreen_tree:

I think [name_m]Hayes[/name_m] is the more obvious choice - I’ve heard [name_m]Wells[/name_m] and [name_m]Hayes[/name_m] mentioned together - with other names like [name_m]Brooks[/name_m], [name_m]Hart[/name_m] etc., and makes more immediate sense as another outdoorsy, rugged and “honest” name. It is a handsome choice.

Meanwhile, on balance, I prefer [name_m]Ames[/name_m] as a name - I like how it feels old worldly and artsy and fresh at same time. I think it will get people hearing [name_m]James[/name_m] - just as my daughter/I get “Willow? Milla?” half the time instead of [name_f]Willa[/name_f] - but then they’re likely to say “Wow, [name_m]Ames[/name_m], what a cool name!”. (He may get some teasing about aiming for things and missing but it’s not a high or serious enough risk to not use it). [name_m]Ames[/name_m] is more like [name_f]Gemma[/name_f] in sound but [name_f]Gemma[/name_f] and [name_m]Wells[/name_m] both have repeat double letter so everyone has some sort of connection (with the boys’ names being single syllables).

So I don’t really know - I think [name_m]Hayes[/name_m] makes more immediate sense as I said, but [name_m]Ames[/name_m] is a cooler choice.

I definitely prefer [name_m]Ames[/name_m]! It helps that I knew a totally adorable little boy names [name_m]Ames[/name_m], but I just think it is such a sweet and homey name. [name_m]Hayes[/name_m] has always made me think of hazing someone.

[name_m]Ames[/name_m] definitely shares more similarity to the sound of [name_m]James[/name_m], but I like the softer feel of [name_m]Ames[/name_m] [name_m]Theodore[/name_m] better than [name_m]Hayes[/name_m].

I vote [name_m]Hayes[/name_m]. I love the name, but also, as I mentioned in another post, I’m afraid [name_f]Jemma[/name_f] and [name_m]Ames[/name_m] will get jumbled up together into “James” when you call them.

A vote for [name_m]Ames[/name_m]! It’s so warm yet smart, and has the same old-school charm as [name_m]Wells[/name_m]. [name_m]Hayes[/name_m] feels a little more modern, still a nice choice though.

i love hayes theodore! i think it goes great with jemma and wells!


I prefer [name_f]Jemma[/name_f], [name_m]Wells[/name_m] and [name_m]Hayes[/name_m]

This is tough, they’re both handsome choices, but I think I slightly prefer [name_m]Hayes[/name_m] with siblings [name_f]Jemma[/name_f] and [name_m]Wells[/name_m], so my votes goes to [name_m]Hayes[/name_m] [name_m]Theodore[/name_m]!