Ancient Aragonese names

I found these girls names dating back to the 12th century in the house of [name]Aragon[/name]. They are so old they’ve been virtually forgotten so I assume none can be found on nameberry.
They are:
Elisenda ([name]Elis[/name]-INDA)
Onecca (similar to [name]Annika[/name])

Acibella - I like this, it reminds me of something in Italian but I can’t remember what.

Elisinda sounds more like “Elee zendah” or “Elee sendah” in Spanish.

[name]Sancha[/name] is not a name I would use, people use the word [name]Sancha[/name] to mean their girl “on the side” or who they’re cheating with and I think the term is pretty well known now even outside of Spanish speakers.

Piroshka and Onecca are interesting.

I love Onecca! I actually used that exact spelling in my first draft of my novel. :slight_smile:

Elisenda is one I have seen a few times, I think its pretty, I also like Onecca.

Elisenda and Piroshka are very intriguing. Thanks for sharing!