Andrea poll

See the results of this poll: Choose your favorite pronounciations of the name Andrea.

Respondents: 16 (This poll is closed)

  • ANN-dree-a: 8 (50%)
  • AHN-dree-a: 2 (13%)
  • ahn-DRAY-a: 4 (25%)
  • AHN-dray-a: 2 (13%)

I love [name]Andrea[/name]! I voted for ahn-DRAY-a and AHN-dray-a. I think the other pronuciations are fine too. My two picks are my favorite ways to pronounce this name.
My sister [name]Kristina[/name] was almost an [name]Andrea[/name] - AHN-dray-a.
I’ve recently heard a woman being calld [name]Drea[/name] - draya but I’m not sure if that is her whole name or not.