Anna or Astrid

My original name is [name]Ani[/name], [name]Ah[/name]-Ni, and I absolutely hate it. I doesn’t suit me and I am filing for name change this month. But which name is better [name]Astrid[/name] or [name]Anna[/name]. What are your impressions of the names

[name]Both[/name] are lovely names with two totally different feels. [name]Anna[/name] is more simplistic, classic and timeless. [name]Astrid[/name] is more funky, quirky, modern. So I’d say you should decide which feel you’re trying to go for.

I love both! I agree with @leonielee that they both have very different feels, though. If you’d like to have something short-and-sweet, classic, simple, I think [name]Anna[/name] is a great choice. If you want something with a bit more personality, I think [name]Astrid[/name] is a better choice, and I think something like [name]Addy[/name]/[name]Addie[/name] is a sweet nn for it, too. As they are, I prefer [name]Astrid[/name], but I like the nn [name]Annie[/name] more than I like [name]Astrid[/name], if that makes sense.

Good luck!

I gotta agree with the previous posters, so I guess that’s not very helpful! [name]Both[/name] names are beautiful…if I were renaming myself, I would gravitate more toward [name]Anna[/name] because I don’t see myself as quirky enough to pull off [name]Astrid[/name]. It’s really about your personality and which you feel more drawn to. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Good luck!

[name]Anna[/name] is gorgeous! I choose this.

I love the beautiful simplicity of [name]Anna[/name]. I think it’s a very ‘blank slate’ kind of name that could suit any girl or woman. [name]Astrid[/name] is a very different name that could suit a quirky, beautiful, artistic type in my mind…I feel that I would have to know you to know if you would make a good [name]Astrid[/name], but I feel certain that anyone would make a good [name]Anna[/name]! If you feel [name]Astrid[/name] is ‘you’ and you would pull it off you should go for it cause it is much more distinctive…you would really remember an [name]Astrid[/name].

I love anna:). Good luck