Annabel or Annabelle?

My husband and I both made a list of names we like and this was the only girl name that was on both lists…but I spelled it [name]Annabel[/name] and he spelled it [name]Annabelle[/name]. Which is preferred around here? (I’m in the US if that matters.)

I prefer [name]Annabelle[/name] much more, sorry! It just looks more complete and feminine to me. [name]Annabel[/name] kind of makes me want to say [name]ANN[/name]-uh-bull. It’s a pretty name either way though. Whichever you two decide is not wrong here in the U.S. I have met an [name]Annabelle[/name] and an [name]Anabel[/name], both pronouncing it the same way.

I love [name]Annabel[/name]! I used to prefer [name]Annabelle[/name] (and still like it, in a way), but [name]Annabelle[/name] seems overly frilly and [name]Annabel[/name] feels concise, and sweet, and girly. I really like both, but ‘ve preferred [name]Annabel[/name] for a while. I do like the -belle endings, though–[name]Annabel[/name] happens to be the only [name]Belle[/name] name I prefer the -bel ending to the frillier -belle one. ([name]Isabelle[/name] is my favorite girls’ name, that spelling, and I prefer [name]Mirabelle[/name], [name]Arabelle[/name], etc. to [name]Mirabel[/name] and [name]Arabel[/name]…) I don’t think you could go wrong with either, though! Maybe poll your friends (or make a poll on here) asking how they would spell [name]Annabel[/name] if they heard it. I think the more common spelling would create less spelling concerns. I have always thought that [name]Annabelle[/name] was more popular in the US, and [name]Annabel[/name] in the UK, but I could be wrong…

I prefer [name]Annabelle[/name], I’m in Tx :slight_smile:

I prefer [name]Annabel[/name] obviously since that is what i have named my daughter :slight_smile: However, its just one of those names that can be spelled SO many different ways that it is rarely spelled correctly. If this helps at all more People have written Her name with the [name]Annabelle[/name] spelling. Oddly the most common spellubg we get of Her name is [name]Anabell[/name] is that even a legit spelling? Anyway, im rambling. My point is i like the [name]Annabel[/name] spelling way better but i thinks i have yet to see someone spell it that way so at least with [name]Annabelle[/name] you get a few more hits LOL.

[name]Annabelle[/name] seems more complete to me :slight_smile: I would go with [name]Annabelle[/name]!

Ha! I don’t think these answers are going to help you much! I prefer [name]Annabel[/name] – to me, it’s more of a cohesive name spelled that way, rather than a compound of [name]Anna[/name] + [name]Belle[/name]. Though I like [name]Isabel[/name] much better than [name]Isabelle[/name] or [name]Isabella[/name] too.

I guess they both have their good points!

Wow [name]Pam[/name], thanks for responding! I think that IS why I like [name]Annabel[/name]. [name]Annabelle[/name] is more compound or (dare I say) bovine to me. But they are both nice.

I love [name]Annabel[/name] for the same reason I prefer [name]Juliet[/name] to [name]Juliette[/name]. It’s not like [name]Annabel[/name] or [name]Juliet[/name] are masculine anyway, so they don’t need extra sugar ([name]IMO[/name]) and the tailored versions look, to me, feminine but strong.

To me its the difference between a black sheath dress and a big pink prom dress. Neither’s wrong, really, and either can look good on somebody, but they bespeak different styles.

I’m in Australia but only moved here in 2010 from the US.

I prefer [name]Annabel[/name] as well!

I like Annbel much better. It seems more sophisticated, IMHO. Yes, I agree with the pp’s comments re the black dress and frilly pink prom dress. [name]Love[/name] it!

[name]Annabel[/name] for sure! :slight_smile:

[name]Annabelle[/name]/[name]Annabel[/name] has been a favorite name of mine for a long time, and I keep going back and forth on which spelling that I like. In the beginning I really liked the [name]Annabelle[/name] spelling because I think that the nickname [name]Belle[/name] works better with that spelling. But now I prefer the [name]Annabel[/name] spelling more. I really love how [name]Annabel[/name] looks, it’s just not as busy and I didn’t really like the look of all of the repeating letters in [name]Annabelle[/name]. I think that no matter which way you spell it, [name]Annabel[/name]/[name]Annabelle[/name] is a gorgeous name!

annabel - looks like one name as opposed to two together and i think shorter is better!

[name]Annabel[/name], absolutely.

I love the name! My friend prefers to spell it [name]Annabel[/name] though so I’ll go with that!

[name]Annabelle[/name] is the most common spelling by far.

As a first name I prefer [name]Annabel[/name]. As a middle name it depends what it is paired with. But as a first name definitely [name]Annabel[/name].

Annabel is my preferred spelling. It’s funny but when I read your post it just confirmed what I read about the spellings. Men prefer the frillier Annabelle and woman like the more down-to-earth Annabel! :slight_smile: I also like this spelling for its connection to the “Annabel Lee” poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

I prefer [name]Annabel[/name], [name]Annabelle[/name] looks unnecessarily frilly to me, and I’m usually a lover of the frilliness!

That’s one of my favorite names. I prefer [name]Annabel[/name], although I like either. [name]Annabel[/name] looks spunkier to me while [name]Annabelle[/name] is frillier. I’m in New [name]York[/name].